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Complement the space in your home and bring out your style with pops of colour, interesting textures, unique patterns or eye catching shapes. You’ll find all of this and more when exploring our unbeatable range of decorative tiles.

Decorative Tiles

We specialise in uniquely styled decorative and feature tiles that come in a wide range of styles, colours and formats, and add a modern yet minimalistic appeal. 

This includes Subway style tiles, mosaic tiles and hexagonal patterned tiles that are available in various finishes ranging from matt to natural finish.

Decorative tiles are usually ceramic, which require little maintenance, but must be used on walls. That is why we also have in our range decorative porcelain tiles to cater for any project that wants to include a feature decorative floor.

Did you know, Spain is renowned for making some of the most beautiful decorative ceramic tiles? Within our decorative tile range, you’ll find a collection of Spanish wall and floor tiles that can transform any space in your hom

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Where to use decorative tiles

Decorative tiles can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas and work well in your backyard if you want to add a bit of colour and texture. 

Whether you’re decorating your home or revamping your commercial space, our decorative range is ideal for creating stunning kitchen splashbacks and bathroom floors or adding the wow factor to your entryway.

What to consider when choosing a decorative tile

Things you should think about when selecting a decorative tile include the style of your room and what colours and patterns you’ll feature. You can create the right mood for your space by adding decorative tiles to accentuate an area.

Abstract tiles are one of the most versatile ways to add interest to a room. Geometric patterned tiles are perfect for creating a contemporary look, while floral patterns go great for heritage style homes. 

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Do decorative tiles go out of style?

When you use decorative tiles you’re making a bold statement, but that doesn’t mean it will go out of style if it’s suited to your space. If in doubt go for something more subtle. Subway tiles are timeless and you can never go wrong with them – no matter what their application. 

If you want to play it safe with your pattern choice, you can get creative with your tile arrangements instead. Try a herringbone or chevron layout, both which are classic in design but will still give you an eye-popping result. Going for a larger format tile is also a popular choice that you’re less likely to regret in a year’s time. As long as the tiles is sized for the space and laid well it will never look out of place.

Discover our stunning range of decorative tiles

With more than 50 years industry experience, the expert team at Ceramic Tile Supplies can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Be inspired with the latest styles in decorative tiles for your home. Start browsing or visit our Myaree or Wangara showrooms to view the full range today.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Decorative Tiles

What if I want to change my decorative tiles?

Decorative tiles, much like their counterparts, are not permanent fixtures and can be easily replaced when desired.

What are decorative tiles made of?

Decorative tiles can be crafted from a variety of materials, with ceramics being the most common choice. Known for their low-maintenance characteristics, ceramic decorative tiles are ideal for wall applications. However, when it comes to decorative tiles for floors, tiles fashioned from porcelain, provide a more robust and resilient alternative.

What patterns and finishes are available?

Decorative tiles boast diverse styles and finishes, ranging from mosaic and hexagonal patterns to floral or corolle; they offer a broad spectrum of designs to match your vision. They also come in an array of finishes, spanning from matte to glossy to offer more customisation options.

Can decorative tiles be used outdoors?

Certainly! Decorative tiles are designed to withstand varying weather conditions, making them a fantastic choice for outdoor embellishments.

Are decorative tiles suitable for flooring?

Decorative tiles, while technically usable on floors, require more careful maintenance compared to standard tiles. They are somewhat more delicate, making them better suited for wall applications to preserve intricate patterns. Nevertheless, there are no technical limitations prohibiting the use of decorative tiles on floors.