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Working towards

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When selecting tiles from Ceramic Tile Supplies, you know that you’re choosing products from innovative brands and factories that are strong on environmental sustainability

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Our Sustainability Commitment

For Ceramic Tile Supplies, our love for tiles has always gone alongside respect for our environment. Since our doors opened over 50 years ago, affiliating Ceramic Tile Supplies with sustainable European companies that supply eco-friendly products has been something we make a priority.

Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly tiles offer unmatched durability and zero-waste manufacturing, making them the ideal sustainable flooring choice in Australia.

Energy Efficient

Tiles’ thermal mass moderates temperature fluctuations, reducing HVAC workload and saving energy in Australian homes. Ceramic’s dense alumina-silicates act as natural insulators, promoting energy efficiency.

Certified Green

Eco-friendly ceramic tiles contain clay, quartz, and felspathic materials. They don’t harm the ecosystem, and landscapes can be restored post-quarrying.

Natural Materials

Tile materials sourced close to manufacturing facilities drastically reduce energy and emissions.

How do you know that the products you sell are eco-sustainable?

Companies must openly comply with strict guidelines that are applied both internationally and individually in Europe, ultimately granting companies various certifications. Commonly seen certifications are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), EU Ecolabel, PEF (Product Environmental Footprint), EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) and more. The brands we deal with are completely transparent when it comes to what is being done for the environment, such as what materials are being used, a product’s production cycle, how to minimise waste and recycle more, reducing co2 emissions, and more. We take pride in the products we sell knowing that the companies we import from are committed to achieving the smallest possible impact on the environment.

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Some of Our Sustainable Manufacturers

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