Timber Look Tiles

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Get the best of both worlds with a porcelain tile that looks and feels like real wood.

Timber Look Tiles

One of the latest design trends to come out in flooring and wall coverings is timber look tiles, creating warmth in a living space at a fraction of the price of natural wood.

Our range of natural looking Italian porcelain tiles are hard wearing, easy to install, require zero maintenance (they are resistant to stains, indents, warping or splitting), and is a non-toxic alternative to raw wood.

The great thing about timber look tiles is they can also be used in wet areas. The high water absorption rate of real wood floorboards makes this impossible. With tiles, you can virtually transform any room in your house.

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Types of timber look tiles

There are various types of porcelain and ceramic tiles that are specially designed to imitate the look of timber. These timber look tiles are available in many different formats and finishes. They can be used as both floor and wall tiles – including the bathroom or alfresco, so now you can add a seamless flow to your home where natural wood cannot.

Timber look tile sizes available

Timber look tiles come in plank formats, just like natural timber flooring. The most common format is 1200mm x 200mm. This is a great size for the Hamptons style, Scandinavian style and contemporary Australian homes. Choose from a variety of grain patterns, timber look colours and textures that suit the style you’re after.

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Why buy timber look tiles?

Advancements in technology has made it possible for tile manufacturers to create tiles that mimic traditional wood flooring so effectively, many of your guests will think it’s the real thing. And with it being more affordable, it’s a better investment than natural wood flooring.

Natural timber floorboards require a lot of upkeep and are more prone to wear and tear. Every now and then they need to be sanded back, resealed, and polished to maintain their appearance. Timber look tiles on the other hand are known for their durability, functionality and sustainability. They’re scratch resistant, easy to clean and won’t fade even against the harsh Aussie summer sun. Some other reasons why timber tiles are a great option include:

  • Waterproof – timber flooring absorbs water and requires regular sealing and maintenance, while tiles are waterproof and easy to clean and maintain making them great for any space, including bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Termite and Rot Proof – unlike wood, with tiles you don’t have to worry about termites and they won’t rot.
  • Great insulator – timber look tiles insulate heat and cold better than wood flooring.
  • Non-toxic – installing timber tiles in your home or office will not add to the toxic build-up of chemicals within the environment that comes with many timber products.

With more than 50 years industry experience, the expert team at Ceramic Tile Supplies can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Get the timber look for less

Be inspired with the latest styles in timber look tiles for your home. Start browsing or visit our Myaree or Wangara showrooms to view the full range today.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Timber Look Tiles

Do timber-look tiles offer a wide range of wood-like floors?

Our timber-look tiles boast a diverse range of grain patterns, colours, and textures that faithfully represent different wood varieties. They also offer various finishes to align with your unique vision for your home.

Find out more reasons to go for timber-look tiles here.

Are timber-look tiles suitable for outdoor use?

One of the remarkable advantages of timber-look tiles is their versatility — they can be employed for both indoor and outdoor flooring and wall applications. This allows you to create a seamless flow in your home, even where natural wood might not be suitable.

Can you lay timber-look tile without grout?

No, but the amount of grout required is minimal. Timber-look tiles require a very narrowed grout joint to ensure the tiles adjust properly to the movements of the subfloor and prevent them from breakage or lippage. If you choose one that perfectly matches the colour of your tiles it could be almost invisible.

Ceramic vs. porcelain tiles: which is better for wood-look tiles?

If both porcelain and ceramic tiles are a great option, Porcelain tends to have a longer lifespan and be more resistant to moisture and water. Moreover, Porcelain tiles are usually more realistic than ceramic tiles when mimicking wood.

In what format do timber-look tiles come in?

Timber-look tiles are available in plank formats, mirroring the appearance of natural timber flooring. The most common format is 1200mm x 200mm.