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The experienced team at Ceramic Tile Supplies are here to help you make your floors safe from slips, protecting you at home or your business with our anti-slip tile solutions.

Slip resistant tiles

We stock a wide range of contemporary high quality tiles in various styles, formats, and slip resistance. Not sure whether you need slip proof tiles? No worries, whether you’re an architect, interior designer, builder, tiler or private client, we can guide you through your options and the level of slip resistance you need.

Our anti-slip tile sizes include 100x100mm, 200x200mm, 300x300mm all the way up to 600x1200mm.

slip resistant tiles in shopping centre

Where to use slip resistant tiles

Non-slip tiles should be applied in areas where slips or falls are a risk factor. Some common areas include:

  • Hotels, offices, public buildings and schools – entry foyers, lift lobbies, kitchens, dining areas, washing up rooms, serving areas, toilet facilities and end of trip facilities
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Supermarkets and shopping centres – shop entries and shopping aisles
  • External areas – balconies, landings, stairs and walkways
  • Hospitals and aged care facilities – bathrooms, wards and corridors

Swimming pools and sporting facilities – pool surrounds, pool steps, ramps and ledges, change rooms and showers

Slip resistance ratings

Choosing the right non-slip tile depends on a variety of factors. Slip ratings help make it easy to know whether a tile is suitable for different areas like bathrooms, kitchens, outdoors or around pools. They provide the architect, builder and end user some assurance in regards to responsible selection of materials. The ratings have been developed in accordance with Australian standards based on AS/NZS 4586 and the Standards Australia Handbook SA HB 198:2014

The requirements for slip resistant tiles vary depending on whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes.

Some of Our Products

Slip resistant tiles for residential applications

If you’re a homeowner looking to select tiles for your floor surface, you can essentially choose the type of tile you want. The only exceptions are to stairways, landings and ramps where the National Construction Code have specified slip resistance ratings. When choosing tiles for your home, you should always take into consideration the wet areas of your home, regardless if they require a specific slip rating.

slip resistant tiles for alfresco area
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Slip resistant tiles for commercial applications

Tile surfaces for general public areas need to comply with specific building codes and occupational health and safety and disability requirements. By selecting tiles with the right slip resistant rating for the desired application, you’ll ensure you’re compliant and maintain safety standards.

Slip ratings for tiles are classified by carrying out the following tests:

  • Oil-Wet Ramp Test (R9 – R13)

This test involves placing the tiles on a ramp and applying lubricating oil to the surface. The test is conducted with two people who are attached to a harness who then walk on the test panel. The test panel is then inclined with the test personal walking forward and backwards at a specific pace. If this is conducted twice without the test persons slipping, then the platform and angle is increased and the test repeated. Once the test personnel slip, the process is repeated to confirm the slip and measure the angle at which they slipped. The angle at which the slip occurred is averaged between the two persons and then compared with previously calibrated panels to confirm the classification. The R9 rating is the ‘smoothest’ finish, with the R13 result the most slip resistant.

  • Pendulum Test (P0 – P5)

A pendulum test is a method for testing the slip resistance of a tile. The test is designed to replicate the heel of a foot slipping on tiles in wet and dry conditions. From this, Pendulum Test Values (PTV) are determined, which indicates the level of potential slip risk. The main advantage of this test is it can be performed on site (while the other test methods cannot). The P1 rating is the ‘smoothest’ finish, with the P5 result the most slip resistant.

  • Wet Barefoot Ramp Test (A / B / C)

This test is similar to the Oil-Wet Ramp test in the way it is performed, but is used to assess the slip resistance of surfaces where people will likely be barefoot and subjected to wet water surfaces, such as swimming pool surrounds, showers, and change rooms. The difference in the test method is the testing personnel are barefoot and with wet feet (instead of with rubber-soled shoes and oil lubrication). The A rating is the ‘smoothest’ finish with the B and C ratings both increasing in slip resistance.

Choosing the right slip resistant tile

When browsing our extensive range of premium non-slip tiles, you’ll notice the slip rating for each tile. Here are a few examples of the Slip Tests and Slip Ratings for areas where slip resistant tiles are required:

Wet PendulumOil/Wet Ramp
Offices, public buildings, schools (dry areas)P1R9
Offices, public buildings, schools (transition areas)P2R9
Hotel apartment bathrooms, en suites and toiletsP2A
Offices, public buildings, schools (wet areas)P3R10
Aged care bathrooms and en suitesP3B
Toilet facilities in offices, hotels and shopping centresP3R10
Sports facilities and communal changing roomsP3A
Fast food outlets, food servery areas, dining areasP3R10
Swimming pool surrounds and communal shower roomsP4B
Balconies, roof decks and external walkwaysP4R11
Swimming pool ramps and stairs leading to waterP5C
Loading docks and commercial kitchensP5R12

Which test is best?

All three tests have their own benefits, and as long as you can ensure the product being used meets at least one of the required test results, then as a specifier you will have made a responsible selection (the specifier does not have to ensure that both slip tests have been met, as this can be difficult and costly for the client).

We can help you determine the level of slip resistance you require that will best meet your application and environment.

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