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Are you building a new home with one of Perth’s accomplished builders? Or selecting tiles for a renovation? We have put together this guide to help you with your ceramic tile selection so there are no surprises.

Builders Range

With virtually thousands of different styles, sizes, colours and finishes out there, jumping into a bathroom reno or build can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here at Ceramic Tile Supplies, our experienced consultants can help you bring your vision to life, with our wide selection of the highest quality bathroom tiles that’ll perfectly suit your budget and the look you’re after.

Working with a builder involves a long to-do list of selections and approvals that can feel never ending! If you’ve been through a similar project before, you’ll know what we’re talking about. To make the process as smooth as possible it’s essential that you have reliable, efficient and affordable suppliers. That’s where Ceramic Tile Supplies steps in, we are Perth’s experts in tile selections for every location on every project.

Read through our guide below and if you have any other questions feel free to contact our team.

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Appointments for home builders

Appointments and walk-ins are welcome at both of our Ceramic Tile Supplies locations. It’s important to take note of our opening hours and make sure you arrive at our showroom with enough time to explore our offerings. If you’re taking on a large project, give our team a call beforehand so we can prepare you with any information you might need before visiting. If you have any floor plans, specifications, photos and design ideas that will help the tile selection process, we encourage you to bring the resources to your showroom visit.

Saturdays are usually our busiest day, if you’re looking to speak with a professional on the weekend we recommend booking in an appointment beforehand. During the week, there’s more flexibility and we’ll be able to accommodate walk-ins.

Our Builders Range

Opening Hours

Wangara Showroom

8.30am – 5pm (Monday – Friday)

9am – 1pm (Saturday)

Myaree Showroom

9.30am – 4:30pm (Monday – Friday)

9am – 1pm (Saturday)

*Note: we’re not open on Sundays.

We recommend reserving at least 1 hour for the selection process. Due to the wide variety of ceramic tiles to choose from, you might find the process will take longer than anticipated. Our team will provide you with numerous options at different price points. This way, you’ll be able to pick a solution that fits perfectly with your requirements.

Bathroom Ceramic Tiles
home tiles

Home Tile Selection Process

Our Ceramic Tile Supplies team are experts in selecting tiles for your home project. Whether the tiles are for your kitchen, bathroom, pool, living space or to cover your whole house! We’re experienced in choosing the best tiles for their intended purpose whilst considering your home’s aesthetic.

Aesthetics are crucial for any room in your home and the tiles you choose play a big part in completing your home’s design and look. We have a wide selection of tiles that are not only visually appealing but practical. From industrial concrete designs, to modern minimalism, to edgey and colorful – there’s ceramic tiles to meet your needs and design preferences. Browse our tiles online or, visit us in store.

Finding the right  tiles for you will be dependent on the project at hand. Requirements may change depending on the project and the builder. Ensure to bring in any relevant paperwork that might impact your tile selection process. Consider the next block of information when choosing your tiles.

Choosing the right tiles for you

Location – Take into account what rooms these tiles will be installed in and the size of the area the tiles will cover. Rooms you might be installing tiles include; the living area, dining room, bedroom, bathrooms or laundry’s. Keep in mind outdoor spaces too and whether you might need pool tiles.

Coverage – To what extent has your builder allowed your tiles to go? Full height or just Standard height?  Do you need to select tiles for splash backs, feature walls and skirting tiles? We can work together and review these questions and more during our consult.

Tile Types – What kind of tiles do you require – rectified or non-rectified? Porcelain or ceramic? Slip resistant? Keep in mind any specific requirements you might have for your project.

Pool tiles – Are you building a pool and seeking pool tiles? Will you be needing the whole pool tiled or just the pool waterline tiles? Would you prefer mosaics or porcelains and what price per m2?

Outdoor/porch area – Don’t forget the outdoor space! Are there specific requirements you need for your outdoor space? Do you want your outdoor area to match your home’s interior? Is there enough sub structure to support standard tiles or will you need to allow for enough time to order in non-slip or 20mm thick tiles?

bathroom tiles

Our Easy Upgrade Range

bathroom tiles

Do you have tiles my builder has allowed for?

All builders have what is called an allowance which they work on for pricing each element of their jobs. This helps keep the job on budget and ensures there are no surprises at the end.

There are 2 types of allowances when it comes to tiling. The laying cost and the supply cost. It is important to keep in mind your builder may charge more to lay some tiles that do not fall it in the size allowance. It is equally important to keep in mind the cost of the tile per m2 stays within the builder’s allowance.

To make it easy for your selections we have handpicked a Builders Range for you that covers a wide variety of personal tastes and colour pallets but most of all fits within most Perth Builders quoted allowances.

We also have an easy upgraded range that broadens the range you can select from without breaking the bank.

Helpful Resources

Before you visit one of our showrooms, browse through our home and commercial tile options so you can get a better idea of what kind of tiles we offer and what style you prefer. Even if you narrow down what colour tiles you would like, it will help greatly in the selection process. If you need some inspiration see the latest 2022 trends here.

If you have access to any house plans we encourage you to bring them to your tile selection. This will allow us to have a better understanding of sizing and design requirements that are best interpreted through the house plans. More information the better! Our goal is to help you build your dream home, one tile at a time!

We’re also available via email. If you would prefer to finalise your tile selection process over email, we’re more than happy to accommodate. Please keep in mind, it’s always best to see your tiles in person before making a purchase. Choosing tiles in person ensure you make the correct colour and design decisions.

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More Information

Ceramic Tile Supplies have two showroom locations in Perth.

Our Myaree showroom is located at:

Unit 1, 70 Norma Road, Myaree, WA 6154

Our Wangara showroom and warehouse is located at:

17 Buckingham Drive, Wangara, WA 6065

Find your nearest showroom for your next visit.

Discover more information via our website, in our blog or, give us a call! If you’ve got a question, we’re always happy to answer any and every query that pops up.

Frequently Asked Questions - Builders Range

What is the Builders Range?

Our Builders Range is a selection of different floor and wall tiles that are offered at certain price points to accommodate a wide range of projects. Our product range is a diverse collection of high-quality ceramic and glazed porcelain tiles that are tailored to meet the needs of builders, contractors, home designers as well as individuals coordinating home builds/renovations. We provide an extensive product range that is designed to ensure easy installation, stylish finishes, and prompt and dependable delivery, making us the perfect choice for your upcoming project!

What products are included in the Builders Range?

The Builders Range boasts an extensive collection of products that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. This impressive range encompasses ceramic, porcelain, and stone-look tiles. These tiles are designed to elevate the look and feel of any space, whether it be for residential or commercial projects. All of these items are available in 300×300, 300×600 and 600x600mm size formats. For residential spaces, these tiles can be used to enhance the aesthetics of bathrooms, kitchens, dining areas, bedrooms, and outdoor spaces. With our broad range of options, you can create a beautiful and functional space that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Are these products available for purchase online?

While phone and email purchases are available, we highly recommend visiting one of our showrooms to see your chosen tiles in person. This way, you can guarantee that the aesthetics match your unique tastes, and you can confidently choose the perfect tiles for your project.

Our showrooms offer a welcoming and inspiring environment where you can explore our range, see our tiles in natural lighting, and seek expert advice from our knowledgeable staff. We want you to make an informed decision and to be fully satisfied with your purchase, and we believe that visiting our showroom is the best way to achieve this.

Is delivery available for online orders?

At Ceramic Tile Supplies, we are dedicated to making your shopping experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. We offer delivery for all purchases, with delivery fees calculated based on your order.

Upon placing your order, we will promptly inform you of the availability of your selected tiles, as well as provide an estimated delivery date. Please note that demand for certain tiles can vary, which may impact their availability. However, you can rest assured that we will maintain clear communication with you throughout the process to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery.

Can I pick up my Builders Range order in-store?

For your added convenience, Ceramic Tile Supplies offers a pick-up option for all our products. We have two well-located showrooms in Perth – one in Wangara and the other in Myaree – where you can view our full range of tiles in person.

We understand that sometimes, pick-up is a more practical option for our customers, and that’s why we offer this service for free. Our friendly and experienced team will also assist you in loading your tiles into your vehicle, making the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Our staff are happy to assist you in moving your tiles to your vehicle upon pick up.

What is the return policy for Builders Range products?

To ensure a seamless tile installation process and maintain the premium quality of our tiles, we ask that you carefully consider your purchase as returns are only considered under exceptional circumstances. Please note that once the installation process has commenced, tiles cannot be returned due to their fragility. We strongly advise the use of a professional installer to guarantee a careful and precise installation. While we do not provide installation services, our team is happy to recommend reputable installers we have worked with previously.

How do I contact customer service for assistance with my Builders Range order?

For customer service, you can reach out to our knowledgeable team either via phone or email with any questions you may have. Alternatively, you’re welcome to visit one of our showrooms and speak with our ceramic tile experts who will be delighted to assist you with any enquiries.

Choosing your flooring is an important part of designing and completing a space. The flooring will play an important part in the functionality and design of a space. We take flooring seriously, and will work with you to ensure your project is completed efficiently and smoothly. We thank you for choosing Ceramic Tile Supplies for your project.