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Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is where it all happens. Kitchen renos and builds can be expensive, but you should never dial back the budget on your tiles.

Kitchen Tiles

Tiles are a popular choice for splashbacks and flooring in kitchens, due to their versatility, durability and ability to create pops of colour and a sense of warmth. Here at Ceramic Tile Supplies, we stock a wide selection of tiles and natural stone sourced from the best suppliers in Italy and China. Our extensive inventory means we can pass on the savings to you, whilst not compromising on quality and value.

Our kitchen tile range includes mosaics, subway style, concrete look tiles, timber look, large format, embossed, hexagonal and herringbone that are perfect for splashbacks, benchtops or flooring.

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How to choose the best kitchen tiles

Whether you’re transforming your kitchen or starting from scratch, it’s important to first consider how you use your kitchen and which surfaces will require tiles. Exploring different tile design ideas can help make choosing tiles easier. Benchtop tiles, for example are gaining in popularity and can enhance your kitchen if applied correctly.

The kitchen is one of the only rooms in the house that can get away with using different types of tiles. Your floor tile can differ greatly from your splashback. But with so much choice, here are a few things to think about:

Tile size and application

A popular kitchen tile trend is using oversized rectangular tiles, which creates a big statement and also requires less joints. Depending on the look you’re going for, consider laying smaller rectangular tiles vertically for a modern look, or stick to a traditional grid pattern for a more conservative look. Even little 150x150mm square tiles are making a comeback.

If you decide on a tiled splashback, why not make it a feature by laying your tiles in a pattern like brickbond, herringbone, chevron or use shapes such as hexagons or fish scale tiles to really make your kitchen stand out.

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Tile Colour

Picking your tile colour can be tricky. Do you go for what’s on trend or what will stand the test of time? Either way make sure the tiles you choose work seamlessly with your cabinetry. Lighter colours reflect more light and can create a more spacious feel, while darker tiles can make your kitchen feel cosy.

Then there’s the grout! If you want to go traditional, stick with the same colour grout as your tile, or for a modern look choose a contrasting colour to emphasise the lines and make the tiles pop out more.

Your Family's Habits

You might think what this has to do with tile selections, but your finish choices should take into consideration your household’s lifestyle. Kitchen tiles in general are quite resilient, but they do still require some upkeep to maintain their longevity. 

Natural stone can look amazing but absorb some cooking splashes if not sealed correctly. If that sounds like too much work there are stone look kitchen splashback tiles that give the same effect.

Your floor tile needs to be durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, spills and even pets. If you have a big household, then a polished floor may prove too slippery, so something with a bit more texture may be a safer option. 

Large format tiles are great for benchtops and are resilient to heat from hot pans. There are many that can be shaped as an alternative to engineered stone or laminate bench tops.

Explore our wide range of kitchen tiles

With more than 50 years industry experience, the expert team at Ceramic Tile Supplies can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Looking for inspiration? Browse our range of tiles or visit our Myaree or Wangara showrooms today.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Kitchen Tiles

What tile material is best for my kitchen floor?

For kitchen flooring, porcelain tiles typically emerge as the prime choice. They excel in durability, resisting water, heat, and impacts, while remaining easy to maintain. Granite serves as a worthy alternative, particularly suitable for high-traffic kitchens due to its robust nature.

This article will give you more insights on the different floor tile materials.

What's the optimal tile colour for a kitchen?

Brighter tiles reflect light, imparting a sense of spaciousness, whereas darker tiles infuse a cosier ambience.

Are tiles suitable for benchtops?

When selecting a kitchen benchtop, durability, scratch resistance, and ease of cleaning are paramount. Some tiles meet all these criteria and offer a viable option. However, careful tile selection is crucial. 

Our team of experts is ready to assist you in crafting a kitchen that perfectly aligns with your needs.

How can I ensure my Kitchen benchtop tiles withstand heat?

All our tiles undergo rigorous heat testing to guarantee their resilience in your kitchen. We subject them to hot pans and pots, allowing them to endure for an extended duration. Porcelain, granite, and concrete rank amongst the top choices for benchtops due to their innate heat, water, and scratch resistance.

Should I choose matching tiles for the floor, the splashback and the benchtop?

Kitchens grant the flexibility to use different tile types. Your floor tiles can vary significantly from your splashback, achieving harmony through thoughtful design choices.