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The right choice of tile colours for your swimming pool can become the ultimate feature for your backyard.

Swimming Pool Tiles

Our quality glass mosaic tiles and ceramic waterline tiles are sourced from leading European manufacturers in Italy and Portugal, and are specially designed for Australian pool conditions.

From light aqua tones and whites for a contemporary pool, to the deep ocean blues of a traditional pool or greens for a tropical pool, our extensive range of swimming pool tiles has something to suit all budgets and styles.

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Choosing the right swimming pool tiles

Whether you’re installing a new pool or your existing pool needs a welcomed makeover, choosing the right swimming pool tiles for your pool area can be challenging. There’s a number of things to consider and the tiles surrounding your pool are just as important as the internal body of the pool.

What colour scheme and type of tile do you go for, what size tile do you choose, what tile works with the shape of the pool, are they easy to clean, durable and does it all fit within your budget? Let’s break it down.

If you’re on a strict budget, a traditional ceramic or porcelain tile is the preferred swimming pool tile choice for many pool owners. If you’re happy to splurge a little more, then glass pool tiles are a great way to really bring your pool to life. Glass tiles have the ability shimmer in different light conditions, or as water flows over them. They’re also extremely durable and less likely to wear out, fade or discolour.

Areas of your swimming pool you should consider tiling include:

  • Walls and floors – keep it simple with a single tile design or make a statement with decorative mosaic tiles.
  • Waterline tile – these are the tiles placed under the edge of your pool to mark the ideal water level and allow for ease of cleaning.
  • Pool deck – consider anti slip tiles for the area surrounding your pool, especially if you have young children.
  • Coping – much like a picture frame, coping is the border of a pool which separates the pool structure from the pool decking.
  • Steps – depending on your pool structure underwater step treads help define the sections of the pool and create a safer environment.

Some of Our Products

The best selection of swimming pool tiles

No matter how big or small your pool may be, our swimming pool tiles will add the perfect touch to your pool area.

Our wide range of quality swimming pool tiles come in over 200 different colours and include:

Why can’t you use normal wall or floor tiles?

While all ceramic tiles are suitable for wet areas like bathrooms, not all tiles are suitable for pools. Unlike wall or floor tiles, pool tiles have low water absorption, so if any slight cracks appear in the glaze, moisture won’t penetrate through the tile body.

Mosaics must also be backed in the right way, so the mesh on the back doesn’t rot over time and release the hold on the tile making them fall off one by one. Our glass mosaics use the Pool-safe system, which is a Polyurethane reactive pre-mounted support that holds each tile to its neighbour.

Benefits of a fully tiled pool

On the fence whether you should go with a fully tiled pool or a cement based render? Lining a pool with tiles presents a more superior finish due to their overall appearance, smoothness and durability. You also have a greater choice in colour selections.

With more than 50 years industry experience, the expert team at Ceramic Tile Supplies can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Looking for inspiration? Browse our range of swimming pool tiles or visit our Myaree or Wangara showrooms today.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Swimming Pool Tiles

Why choose pool tiles over liners?

Opting for tiled pools brings several advantages compared to lined swimming pools. Tiles boast a longer lifespan, offer enhanced aesthetics with greater customisation options, resist UV rays and chemicals for prolonged colour retention, and simplify cleaning and maintenance to keep your pool looking immaculate.

Learn more about tiled pools here.

What types of tiles can I use for my swimming pool?

Swimming pool tiles must be suitable for wet environments. While glass tiles are a top choice, ceramic and porcelain tiles serve as viable alternatives. Although porcelain or ceramic-tiled pools offer lower customisation possibilities in comparison to glass-tiled ones, they still deliver satisfactory quality.

Discover our selection of tiles for swimming pools here.

Do I need to empty my pool to repair the tiles?

The necessity to empty your pool for tile repair hinges on the extent of tile damage. Minor repairs may not require draining, but significant ones likely will. If you’re uncertain, reach out to expert guidance.

Learn more about the benefits and the maintenance of tiled swimming pools here.

What are the best colours for my swimming pool?

Tiles are available in a diverse range of colours to perfectly complement your home’s ambience. Whether you prefer light aqua tones and whites for a contemporary pool, deep ocean blues for a traditional pool, or greens for a tropical pool, our extensive selection of swimming pool tiles accommodates various budgets and styles.

Learn more here.

Are all tiles available in all sizes?

Our premium swimming pool tile collection comprises over 200 different colours and various sizes to suit all your projects, including

  • 75mm x 75mm glazed porcelain mosaics
  • 20mm x 20mm glass mosaics
  • 41mm x 41mm glass mosaics
  • 200mm x 200mm ceramic waterline tiles
  • 150mm x 60mm step treads