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Discover the appeal of rectified tiles for your new home build or renovation that are still in your allowance.

Rectified Tiles

Rectified tiles are quickly becoming a standard in many new builds and renovations. Their minimal grout joints and unlimited formats allow rooms to feature the tile not the grout.

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What are rectified tiles?

Rectified tiles are ceramic or porcelain tiles that have been precisely cut, ground and polished to give them near-perfect straight edges. These tiles provide a very clean and symmetrical look, allowing you to apply very fine grout lines. 

Rectified tiles come in all shapes and sizes from mosaics to large formats, subways to pool tiles.

How are rectified tiles made?

Once a moulded tile is fired for the last time, manufacturers shape the edges using high tech equipment that polish and cut the tiles in to the required edge. This creates perfectly flat tiles with sharp corners that are exactly 90 degrees. To avoid the edges from chipping, a fine bevel is added to the edge for protection.

Non-rectified tiles tend to be less expensive, because the process of polishing the edges is not required. However as the rolled edge is still present no matter how close the non-rectified tiles are laid the grout will still appear thicker than a rectified tile.

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Do rectified tiles all look the same?

Although there are generic sizes available, due to the rectifying process by different manufacturers or even just between different batches; size can vary by millimetres. This is something to consider when mixing and matching different tile designs.

Smaller sized rectified tiles are cut down from larger ones. This offers a larger pool of images available in the smaller sizes of the tile. It also means the transition between say a 300x300mm tile being used on the floor can flow seamlessly to a 300x600mm on the wall. 

Why do designers like to use rectified tiles?

The appeal of a sleek, fine grout line (1.5mm) is the main reason designers choose rectified tiles. And because they’re produced with absolute precision, rectified tiles can be used to create a very clean, even and symmetrical look, which can be applied throughout your entire house. 

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Why choose rectified tiles?

After comparing rectified tiles with 1.5mm grout to standard non-rectified tiles with thicker grouting, the sleekness of rectified tiles becomes more obvious and who doesn’t love less grout to clean?

Rectified tiles themselves are not necessarily better than standard porcelain or ceramic tiles, but if you want to create a clean, straight-edged effect in your house, there’s no other better choice.

A wide range of quality builders range rectified tiles

Our rectified builders range offers some of the best stone, concrete and plaster look tiles available to suite any style, without going outside your allowance.

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