Large Format Tiles

Clean, Modern &

Minimalist Look

Large format tiles, also known as “sheets” “slab tiles” or “porcelain panels” are perfect for achieving a clean, modern and minimalist look to any residential or commercial project.

Large Format Tiles

Going big continues to be a popular interior design trend, mainly because slab tiles have unmatched versatility and striking visual impact. And with so many different colours and finish options available, it’s no wonder many home renovators, designers and architects are opting for large format tiles.

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As good as the real thing

Our premium range of large format tiles from reputable tile manufacturers in Spain and Italy, seamlessly replicate the look of natural stone and marble, and can create a cool contemporary concrete effect. It’s a cost effective, high quality alternative to the traditional material, with realistic results.

We supply large format tiles in a variety of sizes including 500mm x 1000mm, 1000mm x 1000mm, 1000mm x 3000mm and 1440x3200mm.

Where can you apply large format tiles?

Porcelain large format tiles are long-lasting, virtually indestructible and require zero maintenance, making them ideal for any type of room or application – even small spaces. 

Using oversized tiles on floor or wall surfaces in small areas tricks the eye into thinking the room is much bigger than it really is, making it appear more open and spacious.

Porcelain is an impervious material and increasingly large format tiles are being used for kitchen benchtops and splashbacks, shower recesses, bathroom vanities, fireplaces and outdoor entertaining areas. 

You’ll even notice oversized tiles being used for external facades, as the tiles are UV stable and won’t fade in direct sunlight. The applications for both interior and exterior projects are limitless!

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Why we love large format tiles

  • Affordable alternative to marble, natural stone or cement while still achieving the same look
  • Refined yet hard-wearing and have a high resistance to scratching
  • Thin and lightweight making them easy to handle
  • Less joins create a seamless looking surface and a visually stunning effect on walls and floors 
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance required due to low porosity and fewer grout lines
  • You can achieve a smoother and more durable finish over rendered walls, which have a tendency to crack over time
  • Large format tiles require less cutting and generate less wastage than standard sized tiles
  • Save on installation costs and reduced labour time (when compared to natural stone slabs)

What to consider when choosing a large format tile

Oversized tiles are such a striking feature in any space, they will strongly influence the style of your interiors. So it’s important to first consider the overall style you want to achieve as the choice of tile colour and patterns will guide this.

You should also measure out the area you will be tiling. Doing this will ensure the tile size you choose will be in proportion to the space. Large format tiles shouldn’t need extensive cutting, otherwise you risk not achieving the desired effect. To create the right balance, make sure you choose a size and shape of tile that will give you maximum impact.

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Who installs large format tiles?

Something to keep in mind is that Large Format tiles take a bit more to set up and install than regular tiles. It would be best to use an installer who is used to working with the large format so they will pre-empt any challenges that may arise. We have several suggested tile installers that are experienced in installing large format tiles. They have worked on Commercial and Residential projects and come with the tools and equipment required.

To help you get started, with budgeting for using large format in your home, you can expect a starting rate of $160 per square meter or $600-800 per sheet for install only. Check out our Dekton product pages for individual slab prices. If this sounds perfect for your project the next step is to chat to one of the highly knowledgeable installers listed below.

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Discover our exquisite collection of large format tiles

Ceramic Tile Supplies are Perth’s leading tiles specialist. With more than 50 years industry experience, we can help you choose the perfect tiles for your home, business or commercial project. Be inspired and browse our range of large format tiles online or visit our Myaree or Wangara showrooms to view the full range today.