Trend Glass Mosaics

Trend Glass Mosaics Range


Italian glass mosaic mounted on the TREND PLUS backing system, 3M FILM-FACE or PAPER-FACE (upon request) making it fully warranted for use in all areas, including steam rooms, spas and swimming pools.

Founded by Pino Bisazza in Italy in 2000 after a lifetime manufacturing premium quality glass and tile, Trend Group aims to deliver the inspired glass mosaic ranges to customers.

Trend Group has production facilities in Italy, Florida and India, as well a assembly centers in Sydney and Romania allowing full customization of all of their products, all with fast and efficient production and delivery times.

Whether it is glass mosaics for a swimming pool, a splash of colour for a commercial area, or a custom designed wallpaper or artwork, Paul Robins at Ceramic Tile Supplies will be able to promptly assist with all aspects such as design, samples and pricing.

Please view a sample of the available products here, and contact for any further requirements.

View now the Aquatica Trend Mosaics Summer Special 2019 Retail Price list


  • Affinity Mix

  • Class Mix

  • Trend PLUS Surf Black 9051 25x25mm

  • Trend PLUS Surf Grey 8551 25X25mm

  • Trend PLUS Surf Midnight Blue 141 25x25mm

  • Veneto Linktec Blue Lagoon

  • Veneto Linktec Cosmic Blue 25x25mm

  • Veneto Linktec Hawaii Blue 25x25mm

  • Veneto Linktec Pool Blue 25x25mm

  • Veneto Linktec Regal Blue 25x25mm

  • Veneto Linktec Sandy Beach Mix 25x25mm

  • Veneto Linktec Torquoise Mix 25x25mm

  • Veneto Linktec White 25x25mm

  • Veneto Linktec White Mix 25x25mm

  • Palladio Linktec Blue Moon Mix 25x25mm Glass Mosaic

  • Palladio Linktec Blue Shell Mix 25x25mm Glass Mosaic

  • Palladio Linktec Cloud Mix 25x25mm Glass Mosaic

  • Palladio Linktec Cottesloe Mix 25x25mm Glass Mosaic

  • Palladio Linktec Sky Blue Mix 25x25mm Glass Mosaic

  • Trend PLUS Daintree Mix 20x20mm

  • Veneto Linktec Steam Dark Blue Mix 50x50mm Glass Mosaic 532

  • Veneto Linktec Steam Light Blue Mix 50x50mm Glass Mosaic 521

  • Veneto Linktec Steam Mid Blue Mix 50x50mm Glass Mosaic 523

  • Veneto Linktec Steam White 50x50mm Glass Mosaic 501

  • Trend PLUS 245 20x20mm

  • Trend PLUS Ocean Mix 20x20mm

  • Trend Plus Affinity 2 Mix 20x20mm

  • Trend PLUS Esplanade Mix 20x20mm

  • Trend PLUS Storm Grey Mix 20x20mm

  • Trend PLUS 41x41mm BeGREEN

  • Trend PLUS 41x41mm Brillante 239

  • Trend PLUS 41x41mm Brillante 245

  • Trend PLUS 41x41mm Brillante 260

  • Trend PLUS 41x41mm Brillante TP133