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With a new year comes new trends!

Here, we unpack the hottest and most innovative tile trends that will be leading interior design in 2022. 

Across Western Australia, home renovations are booming with a dramatic increase seen in 2021 due to government incentives coupled with more time spent at home. When you’re spending more time at home, it makes sense you want to invest more into your living arrangements. In fact, if you’re reading this blog it’s quite likely you’re one of the many Australians looking to update their kitchen, bathroom, dining area… or all of the above! As CommSec revealed, renovation loans saw an impressive increase of 7.4% mid this year, the biggest increase seen in 19 years. Now this is an increase we would like to be a part of!

When you’re designing your home, it’s important to keep a close eye out on tile trends. Unlike most trends that come and go as quick as it takes to get the materials delivered, tile trends are everlasting. You truly can’t go wrong with any style of tiles in your home. When you choose high quality tiles that are professionally installed, tiles add sophistication and class to any room. 

We’ve collaborated with our design team to collect data on the tile trends that are going to take the forefront in 2022. Have a read, and pick out your favourites.

barn home

Farmhouse… with a twist

Imagine this – timber floors, white marble features, big open windows and apple pie fresh out of the oven. Farm house aesthetics continue to improve and impress with each year,  delivering a wholesomeness that touches on nostalgia and homeliness. Scandinavian design has had great influence on farmhouse interiors, holding onto these sentimental components of traditional farmhouse whilst adding a contemporary twist with white marble, subtle splashes of colour and nuanced centrepieces.  

Choosing tiles to achieve a Scandinavian farmhouse appearance is an exciting and stunning process. Ceramic Tile Supplies would recommend Rhombus White Gloss for a contemporary farmhouse bathroom, Gloss Grey for your kitchen splashback or our gorgeous Two Tone Solid Mint Glossy for a subtle splash of colour that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Complete the look with plenty of green plants, timber furniture pieces and brown and grey fabrics (towels, pillows, blankets).

Industrial modernity

Funky, rule breaking and texturised – although industrial design nods to vintage warehouses, modern industrial interiors embody style, opulence and confidence. Think: distressed wood and  brick features contrasted with luxe ceramic or marble tiles. Entering a modern industrial space instantly impresses with its capturing features.   

To accomplish the refined elegance industrial design provokes, it’s crucial to balance those old and edgy elements with new and refined materials. You want to take advantage of raw materials, choosing an open brick wall feature, a cowhide rug and aged steel lighting paired with the best floor and wall tiles to compliment. 

Choosing your tiles, we would encourage you to experiment with shades. Our Melt Oxide or Shade D Impressions perfectly tie together an industrial space with an exciting difference. Alternatively, choose our Homestone Charcoal or Homestone Ivory to add a minimalist concrete feel to your kitchen, bathroom and home. 

Complete your industrial spaces with rustic pipe shelving, warm coloured blankets and towels and vintage pickups from your local antique store.

2022 Tile Trends To Keep An Eye On 1
Coastal aesthetic

Coastal retreat

In Australia, we love our beaches. Even if you don’t enjoy swimming, there’s something about the warm sand and spending time at the beach that calms and excites! It’s no surprise then that beachy coastal aesthetics are making major waves in Perth homes. 

Coastal retreat aesthetics often incorporate cane, wicker and rattan furniture and highlight colours of beige, sand, white and cream. Walking into the home, it feels fresh, light and simple yet, with personal touches that add an important element of warmth. 

Tile trends for coastal retreats hold a crucial place in home design. This is most notable for kitchens, where the tile floors and the tile backsplash stand as pieces of artwork to the overall open plan. To maintain the light freshness felt throughout the house, white or beige styled tiles complete your coastal kitchen. 

Floors tiles we would recommend are our Shoreline Bianco and Dekton Natural. These styles add sophistication with a touch of that laid back beachy vibe that is at the heart of all coastal home interiors. 

For kitchen splashbacks, there’s a great selection of style options to choose from. Experiment with subway tiles with our Carra Honed Herringbone Mosaic or keep it classic with our White Mosaic. There’s the option for creativity here by tying in the colours of your home with the splash back. To maintain the coastal retreat look, you want to keep colour minimal and thoughtful.  

Pair your tiles with rattan furniture, white marble kitchen bench and a brass sink and tap. Wow your guests with your coastal retreat interior.

Contact a specialist

Choosing your tiles is an important decision to build the aesthetic of your home. If you’re unsure which styles to choose, speak to our team of tile specialists. Our team hold immense knowledge on both the practicality and design of tiles. If you’re looking to complete a specific style for your home, our team are here to help

We look forward to creating your dream home.

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