Choosing tiles for your bathroom renovation is a big deal. Tile is one of the most significant components of a bathroom’s design. The wrong choice could result in an overall look that is undesirable and doesn’t make you feel at home. To save you from making poor tiling choices, we have compiled this collection of tile selection tips. As a leading supplier of bathroom tiles in Perth, we have significant expertise that we cannot wait to share with you.

Don’t Rush Yourself

With so many tiling options currently available, the process of making a choice can be remarkably overwhelming. Do not force yourself to decide quickly. If you are not completely sure, take your time and look at some other options. When visiting the showroom, give yourself a significant amount of time to browse without enforcing strict deadlines on yourself. Even if it takes a bit more time, you will be much happier if you end up with the choice that truly helps you to achieve your dream bathroom.

Prepare in Advance

If possible, try to have an idea of what you want before you get to the showroom. That way, you will be much more likely to stay on track and eventually make a purchase with which you are satisfied. Try to determine which colour scheme you want to go with before you arrive at the showroom. This will prevent you from being overwhelmed by the sheer number of options and colours available.

Also, bring inspiration photos to show to associates. Photos and examples can give them an idea of your preferences. As a result, they will be able to help more quickly with finding something that matches your style and vision.

Bring Your House Plans

Price is always a factor in home renovation purchases. Therefore, you need to ensure that you bring your house plans and any other relevant paperwork. This will enable the sales associates to give you accurate figures regarding the tile of your interest.

Additionally, if you show up with your plans, the associates will be more likely to give you advice. they can consult with you about what may look good and which options to avoid in your specific space.

Don’t Over-Complicate

Choosing tiles can be exciting. However, that doesn’t mean that you should go wild and purchase ten different types of tile for one room. A good rule of thumb is not to utilise more than three different kinds of tile in a single space. Otherwise, the area will become too overwhelming. Clashing designs will deteriorate the sense of style and aesthetic.

Talk To An Expert

Hopefully, these tips have given you some direction for choosing bathroom tiles. If you are still feeling lost, not to worry! Please feel free to contact us for more information. From subway tiles to mosaics, we can find something that perfectly fits your lifestyle and your budget. We invite you to give us a call anytime or visit one of our showrooms today.

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