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Tile Trends to Keep an Eye Out for in 2020

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Are you decorating your bathroom for the first time or renovating an old, tired look? Either way, we understand the feeling. The new year is time for a new look.

Adding tiles to your bathroom or replacing old ones will keep it looking modern, fashionable, and fresh. To keep this private space looking new, we recommend keeping an eye out for tile trends coming in 2020. Tiles, like paint colours or clothing styles, go in and out of fashion, so you want to keep a finger on the pulse of trends for bathroom tiles.

Here are some trends to look out for in 2020 and tips for tiles Perth homeowners will love:

Decorating and Renovating

If you’re decorating or renovating your bathroom to look more fashionable, you will need to look out for a style that appeals to you but doesn’t sacrifice on quality or functionality.

Finding something that looks modern yet remains in style with the existing home is a challenge many buyers face. But with the right bathroom tiles, you can find something to satisfy your desires and practical needs.

When decorating, one helpful tip is that you can create a light and glamorous bathroom with pastel colours, glass tiles, or more organic looks.

The right bathroom tiles and the right placement also can help change the whole vibe of the room. This New Year, look out for tiles that will make your room look more spacious. Large, airy spaces are the new trend for 2020.

Vibrant and bold looks are also in, so decorate your walls and floors with strong styles whilst keeping them classy. Remember, practical can be pretty.

Style and Design

We have a whole range of tiles on offer, so look out for great designs that are set to be popular in 2020. The four style and design categories to consider are colour, texture, decor, and natural aesthetics.

1) Colour

You want to match your tiles to the colour of your bathroom, whether that is the current colour or a new shade that you’re planning on painting.

Light pastel colours will be popular in 2020. We have a range of pastels and mixed colours for you to peruse, including our Trend glass mosaic ranges and our Solid subway tile range.

Bi-colour tiles and contrasting colours are also promising to be popular as people move toward bold and quirky looks. You can accomplish this by pairing solid colours on the same wall in different patterns and textures.

2) Texture

Textured styles are on the rise. This can be done in two ways; the texture you feel or the visual patterned texture on the tiles. When it comes to feel it is fun to play with the use of smooth, glossy, lappato, satin, embossed or rough tiles. But keep in mind smooth tiles are easier to clean but the rougher tiles have a better grip which can be practical for a bathroom floor. For a visual textural look it is great to use a mix of a highly patterned tile (think floral look, natural stone look or concrete look) mixed with a basic non patterned tile. Check out our Alabastro, Carrara, and Busker series for a variety of textured styles.

This year, textures are important as part of the Bohemian look, which is quirky and artsy. Designers using a combination of textured walls and floor tiles with decorative feature elements.

3) Decorative

Decorative tiles with patterns and shapes on them are popular for 2020. A little bit of bohemian, a geometric shape and the mosaic look are all promising styles for the New Year.

We have a range of mosaics, from ceramic and glass to porcelain and stone. The Scales and Penny-Round series are especially popular and eye-catching.

For decorative styles, check out the Herringbone, Brick Crystla, and Ciment series. Whether you like geometric or floral designs, we have options for you.

4) Natural

The natural look is going to be a popular one in 2020. The top natural materials include stone, concrete, or timber-look. These come in greys, browns, and white tinges. The charm of these simple and effective tiles lies in their organic look.

For stone options, we have a wide selection, from the Chorus series to the Mystone and Scot.

Popular concrete options include the Busker line, Downtown, and Evoque lines.

The timber styles that render the best au naturel look are the Cherokee and Supergres series.

Get in Touch With Us Today

If you’re looking for a new bathroom look, then now is the time to check out tile trends for 2020. Stay ahead of the curve by shopping now for the coming year. You also can stop by one of our tiles Perth showrooms in 2020 and see what’s trending!

Benefits, Options, and Maintenance of Swimming Pool Tiles

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When it comes to swimming pool features, there are many different options for style and functionality. Entrances, handrails, water features, square vs oval vs infinity pools – these are all options that you will have to decide when you are building your below-ground oasis.

One of the most important decisions, however, is an underappreciated material: swimming pool tiles.

Benefits of Tiles

Tiles offer more benefits than just looking good although they do that, too. Check out what opportunities become available when you focus on the pool tile as an all-important detail.

Underwater Style

Tiles create a beautiful and shimmering look in the water. The water and the tiles work together to make an aesthetically pleasing style that you will enjoy for years to come.

Tiles come in a range of options, so you may customise the tiles based on what you want. The Brilliante 245 Plus in our selection is great for a naturally patterned look. Other options like the Daintree Mix PLUS is great for a Caribbean aesthetic while the Black Step Tread works well for a darker, sophisticated style.


Some tiles can be a great feature to enhance the safety of the pool, especially on the stairs and the deck area. Our Step Tread series, for instance, features subtle ridges that allow swimmers to find firm footing on the hosing of stairs. This tread is available in black, grey, and granite.


Besides style, tiles are very reliable as well. Tiles designed for pools are long-lasting, especially when they receive the proper care and maintenance.

Not only do the tiles themselves last, but it helps your whole pool obtain greater longevity. As long as you keep up with cleaning and treating your tiles, they will hold up for many summer pool parties to come.

Mostly you will only have to worry about occasionally resealing your pool tile. Otherwise, there is very little upkeep needed.

The Finishing Touch

You can use tiles to finish your deck as well. You can line the edges or create intricate designs in or around the pool itself.

Our Mass Mosaics and Ocean Mix PLUS series are popular choices for finishes. Using these, you can design elaborate fish, flowers, or any finishing look you desire.

Tile Options

When you’re choosing a tile, you want to research your options. Consider the placement, how much wear-and-tear they might endure, and the environment as well.

For example, our Trend Plus Surf 8051 tiles add a brilliant pop of blue. These are great for a cheery, bright scheme. Those looking for a more relaxed, monotone style might prefer the Cloud Mix PLUS.

Overall, your tile options will vary in style and colour, but you will also want to make sure that the tile you’re using will be comfortable and functional.

Tile Maintenance

Over time, roots grow, minor cracks spread, and walls shift in pools. To keep up with this, you’ll need to be consistent about tile maintenance and replacement.

Make sure that you lower your water level before starting. Then, remove the damaged tiles with a hammer. After that, you can replace and re-set a new tile into the missing spot. Allow it to dry for 24 hours before raising the water again.

If you keep up with this maintenance, you’ll have a perfect pool for years to come.

Ready to Put Some Tile into Your Style?

For pools in need of a serious makeover, or for pools that are just being built, pool tiles are a great way to enhance the luxury of having a pool. Consider the colour and style that you want and then continue to keep up with the repairs on damaged tiles. Soon, you will be ready to invite your whole neighbourhood to your next pool party.

If you’re in the market for stylish new pool tiles, visit one of our showrooms today for some expert advice!


The Benefits of Slip Resistant Tiles

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Did you know that slips, trips, and falls account for the vast majority of accidents and injuries in both the home and the workplace in Perth? The reality is that many of these accidents could be so easily prevented with the help of slip resistant floor tiles. Below, we discuss five of the main benefits of these tiles, currently available at Ceramic Tile Supplies.


Anti-slip floor tiles are extremely versatile from an aesthetic perspective. At Ceramic Tile Supplies, you will find a host of different colours and designs to choose from to suit your preferences. Some of our best sellers include Busker Beige, Chorus White GRIP, and Downtown Bianco Matte. We also currently offer the following styles:


  • Decorative style
  • Stone look
  • Concrete look
  • Subway style
  • Large Format
  • Timber Look

Therefore, regardless of the type of look and feel you’d like to create, you can achieve it without sacrificing safety.


Our anti-slip flooring supplies have been manufactured to really stand the test of time. All slip-resistant tiles are certain to last substantially longer than their non-treated counterparts. Therefore, while you may pay slightly more in the short-term, you will be saving a significant amount of money in the long run.

Low maintenance

One of the biggest pros of anti-slip flooring is the fact that it requires minimal maintenance. The non-slip coating is designed to remain strong and intact despite the amount of foot traffic the floors receive on a daily basis. This is why this type of flooring is such a sought-after choice among both homeowners and business owners in Perth.

Different levels of slip resistance

Contrary to popular belief, there is not just one level of slip-resistance when it comes to tiling. You will have the option to choose just how strong the level of strip resistance is when buying your tiles. The level you choose will depend on more than just your preferences and budget constraints. It will also depend on where you plan on having the tiles installed.

Here at Ceramic Tile Supplies, we offer three different levels of slip-resistance, namely P3, P4, and P5. These ratings are based on the wet pendulum slip-resistance test. The test makes use of a swinging pendulum with a rubber foot that has been spring loaded. When the pendulum moves through the upright position, the rubber foot comes into contact with the wet test surface and slides over it.

From there, the level of the flooring’s slip-resistance is recorded. P3 is moderately resistant to slips and falls when wet, P4 is extremely resistant to slips and falls when wet, and P5 is about as slip-resistant as a type of flooring can get.

Generally, P3 flooring is perfectly suitable for most residential applications. However, business owners may want to consider P4 and P5 rated flooring for additional safety, especially in areas that are prone to moisture and where accidents are most likely to occur.

Invest in anti-slip flooring today

Here at Ceramic Tile Supplies, we can help you find the right slip-resistant floor tiles for your home or business. The great news is that all of our anti-slip tiles are as stunning as they are functional. If you’d like to know more, stop by one of our showrooms and chat with one of our experts today!

Choosing the Right Colour for Your Swimming Pool Tiles

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Are you currently in the process of designing your dream swimming pool? An important consideration is what colour swimming pool tiles are right for your new freshwater paradise.

While it may seem as simple as looking at various swatches and choosing the hue that you like best, the fact of the matter is that the colour you choose will look quite different once the tiles have been covered with water, and your swimming pool is complete.

Here at Ceramic Tile Supplies, we specialise in swimming pool tiles in Perth. Below is a look at the top five best-selling colour options, along with a breakdown of what to expect after they have been placed inside your brand new pool. Learn more about these 5 popular choices today before you install.

Arctic Blue Nova Matte

This gorgeous green-blue shade contributes a cool tone to the water and promises a clear, sparkling blue effect in the sunlight. The stylish matte finish adds interest to the pool and draws more attention to the glistening lure of the water.

Mass Mosaics Bali Light Blue

Basic blue swimming pool tiles are undoubtedly the most popular colour choice in Perth. They are classics for a reason! These beautiful blue mosaics reflect light, which will make a smaller swimming pool appear much larger and more welcoming. The result is an iridescent, crisp blue shade and a glossy finish.

Midnight Mix PLUS

There is something intensely luxurious about a swimming pool with black tiles. They are slightly less common than green and blue coloured tiles, and as such, promise to turn your pool into an instant talking point. They offer the further advantage of much warmer water due to the fact that the dark colour absorbs and holds onto heat from the sun. This means that you are more likely to be able to use your pool comfortably in early spring and early autumn, not just in summer!

Cloud Mix PLUS

The white-grey contrast offered by these swimming pool tiles is sure to help brighten up your pool and give off a welcoming atmosphere. The tiles will naturally reflect sunlight, which means that your water will remain cool and refreshing during those hot, balmy summer days that Perth is known for.

Azzuro Mediterraneo PLUS

These stunning swimming pool tiles promise a stylish green shimmer. They literally glisten and gleam in the sunlight throughout the year. They are the perfect choice for anyone that is keen to add some mermaid-esque flair to the bottom of their pool and steer clear of the more predictable designs. The Italian glass mosaic is mounted on the TREND PLUS backing system. This is a huge advantage because it streamlines installation – you don’t need to worry about any paper, film or mesh mounting.

Have Any of These Tiles Caught Your Eye?

Are you still interested in more gorgeous options that we have on offer? For our full range, view our website or check out one of our showrooms!

How To Create A Timeless Bathroom

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Without a doubt, one of the most functional rooms in the house is the bathroom. It’s always in use and frequently exposed to water, chemicals, heat, and humidity. This means your bathroom can suffer more wear and tear than any other room in your home.

This private space always seems to be one of the first rooms up for consideration for a makeover. It’s often re-modeled because of its importance in the home and since it’s used by every member of the family. If you’re looking to redecorate your bathroom and create a timeless space, you need to select a design that won’t go out of style anytime soon. You also want to give off a pleasant, fresh look.

Keeping an eye on the current trends is always something we enjoy to do. It’s easy to get carried away when decorating your home with recent interior design updates, but when it comes to the bathroom, creating a timeless classic will add style and longevity.

Here’s how you can do it.

Choose Terrific Tiles

Bathroom tiles in Perth are now trendier than ever. Ceramic tiles help create a unique elegance all the way from its size, shape, and colour. With such a large spectrum of tile designs available, homeowners will have no trouble finding a style that suits their liking. We always suggest shapes like hexagons and rectangle variations as they add intrigue to any bathroom.

Moreover, when compared to other tile materials, ceramic presents an affordable option without disrupting your style. These tiles are very durable which will keep your space current and increase the value of your home. Specialist bathroom tile companies in Perth, like Ceramic Tile Supplies, will help you achieve a timeless and organic feel within your home.

Keep Colours Plain and Traditional

Shades of white, cream, and grey go a long way. They give you more room to play with the colour of bathroom accessories. Decorating using a neutral tone will not only provide you with a more classical look, but these colours never go out of style and go well with just about any other colour!

Diamond Rhombus shape mosaic tile looks great with various shades of grout

If you are decorating your walls, our Albastro Grey Mosaic tile will beautifully compliment the main accessories of your bathroom.

Pick the Right Stone

The most popular and classical materials include stone, marble, and ceramics. These stones offer luxury and quality when used appropriately. One of our personal favorites is the ceramic stone as it is very hard wearing and easy to clean. Not to mention they offer infinite design opportunities.

A popular design in Perth is the Peronda Ground Silver. It’s safest for wet floors with its anti-slip texture. It creates a cool atmosphere in the bathroom and compliments other accessories.

Add Lighting

Lighting is always a matter of individual choice and style. This depends on your overall bathroom style and furnishing, but if you’re still looking for timelessness, adding extra lighting is a great idea.

After natural light, there is a wall and ceiling lighting. Wall fixed sconces and crisp white shades are delightful when contrasted with bathroom tiles. For the ceiling, a chandelier adds beautiful light and sparkles the room.

Use a Classic Tub

The bathtub doesn’t need to be as flamboyant as you may think. The freestanding tub may be the most classic bathroom element that never goes out of style. Classical shapes are called so for a reason. They are much more practical and tend to match with more in the bathroom.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of taste, it’s important to think about the future of your bathroom. Will it look as fresh in five, ten or even twenty years? Homeowners don’t want to keep tweaking, especially with bathroom tiles. If you begin the design process with a clear head, your bathroom will remain timeless.

Need help choosing the right tiles for your bathroom? Stop by one of our showrooms today!

Why to Choose Timber-Look Tiles Over Wood

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While a hardwood floor is classic in any home, the materials get expensive and are susceptible to water damage. Wood floors also require regular maintenance and they can lose their beauty over time.


Instead of using regular wood, it may be worthwhile to invest in timber-look tiles. These replicate wooden floors, so you can get the hardwood feel without having to worry about its upkeep. Timber-look tiles have several benefits over classic wood, so it may be time to rethink your hardwood floors.


Read on to learn why you should consider installing tiles over timber.

Timber-Look Tiles are Stronger

When you buy porcelain timber-look tiles, they are much stronger and scratch-resistant than their hardwood counterparts. This means you can add tiling to any part of your house: indoors or outdoors.

You can spill something on tiling and wipe it up without having to worry about causing damage to precious hardwood.

Our range at Ceramic Tiles Supplies even includes slip-resistant products, giving you more peace of mind in your home. As an added bonus, tiling doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as real wood flooring.

They Can Be Used Around Pools

A major advantage of timber-look tiles is their resistance to water. Unlike wood, these special tiles will not rot when they come into contact with water. Even when installing these tiles around water, they can last many years without having to receive any treatments.

So, if you want the aesthetic of wood in your basement or pool area without having to deal with waterproofing, then timber-look tiles are the way to go.

They Have Greater Design Possibilities

With timber-look tiling, you have so many options to choose from. This gives you the freedom to pick any timber style or shade that you want for your floor, not limited to the types of wood available in your area.

Our timber-look range available from Ceramic Tiles Supplies in Perth comes in several colour options and designs. Your chosen design will never change, because porcelain won’t age or fade over time like natural wood.

Timber-Look Tiles Give You All the Advantages

Overall, tiles are long-lasting options that will look brand new for much longer. If you’re looking for the wood-effect without the maintenance, then wood-imitating tiles were made for you. Porcelain timber-look tiles mimic natural imperfections of wood, like veining and different shades. The almost-perfect look of this faux flooring or tiling makes it a perfect option for those who can’t afford the hefty price tag of real wood.

Timber-look tiles in Perth are not only sturdy, water-resistant, and versatile, they are also sustainable. By not using real wood, this flooring helps to limit the number of trees being cut down for their timber.

With the wide range of options available for these tiles, it is easy to find the flooring that fits your home best. Timber-look porcelain is much cheaper than traditional wood floors too, saving you a pretty penny.

To find out more about this product, pop down to one of our showrooms today!

4 Benefits of Timber Look Tiles

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Many Australian homeowners look for the finest, real wood flooring for their homes– it’s often considered to be the ideal flooring. However, not everyone considers timber look tiles, which are just as great, if not better than hardwood floors. Timber look tiles are the perfect option for people searching for material that is durable, easy to install, and beautiful.

At Ceramic Tile Supplies, we sell the finest quality timber look tiles in Perth. Straight from our experts, here are 4 reasons you should opt for this material.

Timber Look Tiles Are Easy to Clean

Tile is the easiest type of flooring to clean by far. You can clean any spill with a broom or a mop. It’s that easy!

Wood floors, on the other hand, react poorly to water and moisture. You have to be proactive and act fast after a spill to prevent mould damage. Some substances can also damage the finish on wood.


You Can Install Them Anywhere

You may wish you could have hardwood through the entirety of the home. With timber look tiles, now you can. They are easy to install in bathrooms, around pools, and other places that would be too risky to put real wood!

Tile can also be installed in any climate. Installing timber look tiles in Perth is a favourable option because they are a cool temperature that combats Australia’s hot climate. They’re also more weather resistant than regular wooden floors.


You Can Match Them With Anything


Another great thing about timber look tiles is that they can come in colours and styles that can be hard to find with real wood.


For example, we sell lighter tiles that resemble woods like maple and white oak. The Avantgarde Avorio and Cherokee Beige tiles in Perth resemble these particular colours exactly. Real maple wood would be harder to find, and you can’t guarantee you will find a colour that will match your home like tile does.


It Looks Like Real Wood


Back in the day, these timber look tiles were obvious fakes. Today, we have the technology to make longer tiles that imitate wood grain well. You can be sure that when you order from professional companies like Ceramic Tile Supplies, you’re getting a floor that looks like high quality timber.


Many people worry about the grout lines giving away your secret. Today, grout lines are so thin, you can barely tell they’re there. You can even choose a grout that is a shade darker than your flooring. This way, it looks like shadows from panelling rather than actual grout.


Finding the Right Swimming Pool Tile for Your Pool

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Your choice of swimming pool tiles is an essential finishing touch required to make your pool unique and beautiful. They improve not only the aesthetics but also the functional element of your facility.

Just like the tiles used on your walls, floors, and splashbacks, there is virtually an infinite number of types, styles, shapes, and colours of tiles for your swimming pool.

If you’re planning to construct or upgrade your pool, visit us at Ceramic Tile Supplies to choose from our vast array of styles and products. Our showroom will inspire you with pool design possibilities!

Here are some of the tile choices available to give your pool a beautiful finish:

Different Types of Tiles

There are generally four types of tile to choose from: mosaic tile, porcelain tile, glass pool, and stone tile.

You need to select the right type of tile for your amenity, because factors like heavily treated water can penetrate and affect some sorts of tile. The tile you choose should, therefore, be specifically designed for use in a pool. It should be vitreous or impervious – this ensures the tile doesn’t absorb much water.

At Ceramic Tile Supplies, we stock plenty of styles that can be used underwater. Check out our range here, or read on to learn about different types!

Mosaic Swimming Pool Tiles

If you are looking for a tile that will add colour and vibrancy to your swimming pool, then a mosaic tile is what you need. This type comes in a wide range of designs, colours, and sizes. The tiles can be made of glass or ceramics and are easy to install.

Mosaics can be used either on the bottom of the pool, the sides, or both, depending on how eye-catching you want it to look! When used at the bottom, they require maintenance and a good cleaning to eliminate the build-up of pool chemicals, mould, and algae.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are a highly popular choice because they require only basic cleaning and installation. The process of making them begins with heating clay at very high temperatures until it becomes waterproof. The heating process causes the tiles to harden and allows the colour to bake in; thus, the colour and design doesn’t fade even when exposed to extreme temperatures, like those of the Australian summer!


These tiles also have a vitreous lustre, are soft to touch, and easy to install. Porcelain tiles are available in different textures, colours, and patterns. They would be a perfect choice for your facility. The only downside is that they can break easily when put under much pressure, so be careful when handling.

Glass Tiles

For use in a swimming pool, glass is a spectacular material. It gives your facility a miraculous feel, especially when the pool is lighted at night.


Glass won’t be affected by sunlight, water, or pool chemicals. Glass tiles make the pool look larger, because it reflects light. The downside is that they can be pricier than other materials, and can be more difficult to install because of its delicate nature.


Stone Tiles

Using stone tiles gives your pool a natural element, making it look like a pond or lake. Different types of stones can be used, including limestone, sandstone, and granite. Most stones are porous, and a sealant should be applied every few years. Installation can take a while, and should be performed by a professional.


We hope you’ve gained some inspiration for decorating your pool. Want some personalised help? Come to one of our showrooms and chat to an expert today!

DIY Guide to Wall Tiling

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Everyone enjoys a good DIY project in their home. Painting, crafts, and other small projects are immensely popular choices. What about something a bit larger, though?

Tiling your wall is a wonderful way to add a new flair to your living or business space. You can do intermittent tiling or go for a retro subway tiles look. Either way, there are a few steps to the process, and it requires quite a lot of patience. If you are hoping to undertake a tiling project and you are looking for tiles in Perth, our showrooms have exactly what you need!

How does one go about starting this sort of project? Here is a very brief guide to start your DIY journey with wall tiling!

Prepare the Surfaces & Yourself

The first step is to make sure the area you will be tiling is clean and clear of obstructions. If there is already wallpaper present on the wall, strip it down to the plaster. Fill any holes or cracks before tiling. Once the space is prepared, you need to be certain you are prepared too.

Here are a few supplies that you should have to keep yourself protected during your project. Your local Bunnings should have all of this.

  • Safety goggles
  • Dust mask
  • Gloves

You will also need to get materials and tools:

  • Tile adhesive
  • Grout
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Trowel
  • Masking tape
  • Cloth

Depending on the style of tiling you are looking for, you may need other supplies. Consult with our tiling experts if you have any questions about specific tile types and installation.

Determine Your Design

Once you have your supplies and tiles, you want to determine your layout.

Beginning from the middle of the tiling space, establish the vertical rows first. Measure your tiles and use a pencil to mark where the tiles will be placed. Lay down a row of tiles with a bit of space between them (depending on how much space you want). Be sure to line up the bottom of the tiles to keep them even.

If you are looking to do a more abstract pattern, take the time to lay out the tiles to set up your pattern. It may also be helpful to number the tiles so you know how many you need.


Fixing Tiles to the Wall

Before fixing tiles in place, be certain that the surfaces are even. If any tiles are uneven from their neighbours, you may need to get rid of it or use your various tools to adjust it. If the tiles are bevelled or rounded, you will not need a corner trim.

Begin from the centre once again and tile one side all the way over to the edge. Repeat the process for the other side. Use the trowel to place adhesive on the wall.

When spacing out your tiles, you’ll find battens help to determine a starting point. Use the battens to your advantage when attaching tiles, beginning in the corner and working outwards. Use tile spacers to secure space between the patterns and to make it easier to apply grout.

Be sure to remove extra adhesive with a damp sponge as you go. Once it dries, grout is almost impossible to clean.

Take Your Time

Tiling is a rewarding process. Once you finish, the results are beautiful and unique every time. However, taking your time is key to a secure tiled wall.

When approaching difficult spots, like corners or baseboards, use caution. It may even be necessary to search out expert opinions on these areas. There are lots of videos and helpful demonstrations for these situations. If you are uncertain, don’t power through it. Take the time to do it right, and you will enjoy the results even more.

Visit One of Our Showrooms

If you are considering this style for your wall and don’t know where to begin, visit one of our showrooms! Tiling is a great way to spice up any room, and we have plenty of options for you.


How To Use Large Format Tiles

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Large format tiles are the ideal renovate solution for any room in your home. Whether you’re looking for flooring, walling, or even decoration, they can be a cost effective and easy-to-install way to get that updated, contemporary look you’ve been wanting.

Here at Ceramic Tile Supplies, we’re one of the premier experts of tiles in Perth. We have a wide range of tiles to suit any room or outdoor area. Keep reading to learn more about how large format tiles can make your space shine.

What Large Format Tiles Can Do

Imagine your bathroom decked out in this stunning Linea Deep Black tile. Its gorgeous, rich colour gracefully off set by minimal, thin white grout lines. Or, picture your kitchen tiled with our Coverlam Estatuario. Its classy marble-effect underscored by an almost identically pale grout colour can create a smooth, fluid space.

Large format tiles contribute to a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic in any room. Our tiles can help transform any room in your house into a space that feels brand new. These tiles are clean, with an unbroken style that makes a space seem more expansive.

By combining one of our stunning large format tile designs with a similar colour grout, you can achieve an even more spacious look. You can create a sleek design that flows to every corner. And, if you choose to use the same combination on your walls, you’ll instantly create a setting that is striking with a flowing, streamlined aesthetic.

Alternatively, you can also choose a contrasting grout colour, to emphasise the simple elegance of the tile itself and create a feature wall.


Not Just Kitchens and Bathrooms

Being waterproof and easy to clean makes tiling an obvious, as well as stylish, choice for kitchens, bathrooms and walling, but they’re not limited to these areas. Our large format tiles combine stunning design with versatility, so they’re fitting for many different spaces.

It might seem odd to consider tiling in your bedroom or lounge, but, unless you can’t live without the cosiness of carpet underfoot, having tile in your living areas doesn’t have to mean clinical coldness. Underfloor heating can ensure rooms lose none of their warmth, while pairing free-flowing large format tiles with contemporary, minimalist furniture can elevate a bedroom or living room to new levels of sleek sophistication.

Quality, Resilience and Sustainability

We have a large selection of quality choices from leading suppliers, and we specialise in showcasing the latest in tile design and technology. Despite their size, our large format tiles are thin and expertly made. They have the quality normally associated with heavier porcelain tiles, but in a lightweight, easier to handle form.

The large format tiles still deliver the same resistance to wear, staining and heat. Plus, even though they are lightweight, they also still deliver durability in an easier to use, more eco-friendly way than traditional tiles.

Choosing The Tile For You

If you want to do some research for yourself, our showrooms in Wangara and Myaree have the widest ranges of large format tiles in Perth. On top of that we don’t just sell tiles. If you’re struggling, our dedicated design team and colour consultants are here to offer their expert advice for all your decoration needs.

Our team will also gladly take care of the technical side of your tiling job. Not only can they tell what tiles look great and where, they can also accurately measure up the right tiling to fit in your space and provide you with a quote for your requirements.

At CT Supplies we pride ourselves on our expert advice and attention to detail, so head on over to one of our showrooms for a chat. Whatever room or space you’re working with, one of our specialist staff will be happy to help you find exactly the right large format tile for you.


Reliable delivery, reliable contacts

Once you’ve chose the tiles you want, you might need a little help getting them to your home or office and then installing. True to their name, large format tiles are big (ours measure up to 3×1 metres) and can be difficult to transport.

Luckily, our distribution team have their own trucks, as well as years of experience delivering tiles in Perth, while we also pack orders for dispatch to anywhere in Western Australia. So, once you’ve selected your tiles, you can rest easy and let us handle the heavy lifting.

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Creating the Perfect Bathroom Tile Feature Wall

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A feature wall is a unique in that it differs from the other walls in the room, usually in pattern, colour, or finish. It can add pzazz to a room that could otherwise be flat or boring. For bathrooms, homeowners may run into a problem finding a balance between design and functionality. A bathroom feature wall need to withstand hot and humid conditions without compromising style. Using bathroom tiles is an excellent way to hit that perfect balance of style and function.

Range of Tile Options

Ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, and more — there are plenty of different types of bathroom tiles to pick from for your unique bathroom feature wall. Here’s a few, just to get you started.

Ceramic Tiles

The most common bathroom tile comes in several colours, sizes, textures, and styles to suit any design. They’re perfect for DIY homeowners, since they’re easy to install and maintain. Best of all, they’re moisture resistant making them perfect for your bathroom. You can really add a dramatic flare to your bathroom and create a mosaic or go subtle and have a single colour. The possibilities are endless.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles have an elegant finish and do not fade or crack. They go well in almost any room, are durable and sturdy.They are also non-porous, which makes them highly resistant to staining and moisture. With dedication to installation and upkeep, the finished product can be breathtaking, especially when used on a bathroom feature walls.


With superior stain resistance and easy upkeep, glass is a great choice. They’re also more suited to walls than to flooring, due to the possibility of chipping.


Marble adds a level of sophistication to any room, especially in smaller applications.

Matt, Gloss, Glaze, Satin?

Surface finishes are just as important as the type of material chosen for the tile. Glazed and gloss finishes are shiny, slippery, and reflective, which makes them excellent for bathrooms, and they are available in an array of colours, textures, and styles. Satin finishes are the middle ground between matte and gloss tiles, are less reflective than glazed, and are easy to clean and maintain. Matte finishes are soft to the touch, not reflective, durable, and easily combined with gloss or satin finished bathroom tiles for contrast.

Diamond Rhombus shape mosaic tile looks great with various shades of grout

Design and Implementation: Bringing It All Together

There are tons of ways to use bathroom tiles to brighten up and stylise a room that’s not typically thought of as “stylish”. Geometric patterns using large, differently-finished tiles adds depth and contrast. Bright, vivid colours can add character and shine. Dark, muted colours can create a sleek and modern look. A combination of several different types of bathroom tiles adds not only functionality, but creativity. You can use straight lines to elongate a room, zig zags and curves to add movement, or solid shapes to establish patterns and stabilise the room. The design is completely customisable because every individual tile element is also uniquely customisable. Where the design goes is up to you–that’s the best part of using bathroom tiles for your feature wall!

Ceramic Tile Supplies in Perth and we have experts that can help you from the design phase all the way to the finishing touches. Need help picking the right tiles for your bathroom feature wall? Visit one of our showrooms today!

How Ceramic Tiles Are Made

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The earliest known example of ceramic tiles being made and used was in 4th millennium b.c. Egypt. From there, the trend spread outward through Africa and the Middle East, reaching Europe around the 10th century a.d. and to our tile shop in Perth today!

As one of the more affordable tiling options available, ceramic is a popular choice among customers buying tiles in Perth. While they can still easily be handmade just like they were hundreds of years ago, advances in manufacturing now also allow them to be mass produced by specialised machines.

The Basics

For both handmade and industrially manufactured tiles, a tile body must be mixed. This body is made from clay, which can now be produced with a mixture using the dust of pulverised rocks or even recycled material such as post-industrial glass, instead of having to source it from a riverbed.

After this first step in prepping the material which will make the tiles, the process begins to shift depending on the production process.



Tiles produced by hand are shaped by hand-rolling the clay. The clay must be flattened to an even thickness, and this is achieved by either pressing the clay out within a wooden frame or using a roller machine. After this step, the tiles are ready to be cut to whatever shape is desired using wire or shaped metal die.


In a ceramic tile manufacturing facility, the clay body will be flattened and cut evenly by machines.

An option called dry pressing places the clay body in molds and evenly compacts it at a high pressure Another method extrudes the clay through a mold in the desired tile shape, then slices the tiles evenly with a wire cutter.

In both process, the unbaked clay, or greenware, is then dried to remove any moisture that may cause it to crack later in production.



After the greenware has been dried, the decorative accents that make each tile unique can be applied.

Glaze is the glossy finish on the top of tiles. It can be layered onto the greenware before or after a first firing. Many ceramic artisans prefer to glaze ceramic as bisqueware, which is unglazed greenware that has been fired once.

Glaze can be painted, sprayed, or rolled with hand tools onto the ceramic tiles, generating about 50 pieces per day that are ready to be fired.


Industrial machines apply glaze to the cut tile blanks with a variety of machines.

Primers are applied to the tiles as they pass under a steady, curtain-like stream of glaze along a conveyor belt. After this step, additional glazes that may react with the primer or produce different decorative effects are applied.

Machines such as glaze slingers, glazing drums, disc sprayers, or even inkjet printers expedite this step in industrial settings. All together, these types of machines can glaze around 2,000 square feet of tile each day.



Clay must be heated to harden into tile, and to bring out the colours of a tile’s glaze. The ovens used for this process are called kilns.

Handmade ceramics are made in smaller batches using smaller kilns than the industrial process. Periodic kilns with a singe oven door are the most popular type used in smaller production studios and production rates are limited by their size.


Large scale tile manufacturing sends glazed tiles through a roller oven or other style of continuous kiln. This specific conveyor style kiln can heat up to 4,000 square feet of tile on its 125 meter journey through the oven.

Similar to firing practices in the hand-made process, shuttle kilns may also be used, but they are less efficient than the roller oven.


After the tiles have been fired and cooled, they are ready to be shipped out to stores such as our tile shop in Perth. Contact us online or stop in to one of our locations to see the new styles we have in stock today.