Are you currently in the process of designing your dream swimming pool? An important consideration is what colour swimming pool tiles are right for your new freshwater paradise.

While it may seem as simple as looking at various swatches and choosing the hue that you like best, the fact of the matter is that the colour you choose will look quite different once the tiles have been covered with water, and your swimming pool is complete.

Here at Ceramic Tile Supplies, we specialise in swimming pool tiles in Perth. Below is a look at the top five best-selling colour options, along with a breakdown of what to expect after they have been placed inside your brand new pool. Learn more about these 5 popular choices today before you install.

Arctic Blue Nova Matte

This gorgeous green-blue shade contributes a cool tone to the water and promises a clear, sparkling blue effect in the sunlight. The stylish matte finish adds interest to the pool and draws more attention to the glistening lure of the water.

Mass Mosaics Bali Light Blue

Basic blue swimming pool tiles are undoubtedly the most popular colour choice in Perth. They are classics for a reason! These beautiful blue mosaics reflect light, which will make a smaller swimming pool appear much larger and more welcoming. The result is an iridescent, crisp blue shade and a glossy finish.

Midnight Mix PLUS

There is something intensely luxurious about a swimming pool with black tiles. They are slightly less common than green and blue coloured tiles, and as such, promise to turn your pool into an instant talking point. They offer the further advantage of much warmer water due to the fact that the dark colour absorbs and holds onto heat from the sun. This means that you are more likely to be able to use your pool comfortably in early spring and early autumn, not just in summer!

Cloud Mix PLUS

The white-grey contrast offered by these swimming pool tiles is sure to help brighten up your pool and give off a welcoming atmosphere. The tiles will naturally reflect sunlight, which means that your water will remain cool and refreshing during those hot, balmy summer days that Perth is known for.

Azzuro Mediterraneo PLUS

These stunning swimming pool tiles promise a stylish green shimmer. They literally glisten and gleam in the sunlight throughout the year. They are the perfect choice for anyone that is keen to add some mermaid-esque flair to the bottom of their pool and steer clear of the more predictable designs. The Italian glass mosaic is mounted on the TREND PLUS backing system. This is a huge advantage because it streamlines installation – you don’t need to worry about any paper, film or mesh mounting.

Have Any of These Tiles Caught Your Eye?

Are you still interested in more gorgeous options that we have on offer? For our full range, view our website or check out one of our showrooms!

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