Swimming Pool Tiles

Benefits, Options, and Maintenance of Swimming Pool Tiles

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When it comes to swimming pool features, there are many different options for style and functionality. Entrances, handrails, water features, square vs oval vs infinity pools – these are all options that you will have to decide when you are building your below-ground oasis.

One of the most important decisions, however, is an underappreciated material: swimming pool tiles.

Benefits of Tiles

Tiles offer more benefits than just looking good although they do that, too. Check out what opportunities become available when you focus on the pool tile as an all-important detail.

Underwater Style

Tiles create a beautiful and shimmering look in the water. The water and the tiles work together to make an aesthetically pleasing style that you will enjoy for years to come.

Tiles come in a range of options, so you may customise the tiles based on what you want. The Brilliante 245 Plus in our selection is great for a naturally patterned look. Other options like the Daintree Mix PLUS is great for a Caribbean aesthetic while the Black Step Tread works well for a darker, sophisticated style.


Some tiles can be a great feature to enhance the safety of the pool, especially on the stairs and the deck area. Our Step Tread series, for instance, features subtle ridges that allow swimmers to find firm footing on the hosing of stairs. This tread is available in black, grey, and granite.


Besides style, tiles are very reliable as well. Tiles designed for pools are long-lasting, especially when they receive the proper care and maintenance.

Not only do the tiles themselves last, but it helps your whole pool obtain greater longevity. As long as you keep up with cleaning and treating your tiles, they will hold up for many summer pool parties to come.

Mostly you will only have to worry about occasionally resealing your pool tile. Otherwise, there is very little upkeep needed.

The Finishing Touch

You can use tiles to finish your deck as well. You can line the edges or create intricate designs in or around the pool itself.

Our Mass Mosaics and Ocean Mix PLUS series are popular choices for finishes. Using these, you can design elaborate fish, flowers, or any finishing look you desire.

Tile Options

When you’re choosing a tile, you want to research your options. Consider the placement, how much wear-and-tear they might endure, and the environment as well.

For example, our Trend Plus Surf 8051 tiles add a brilliant pop of blue. These are great for a cheery, bright scheme. Those looking for a more relaxed, monotone style might prefer the Cloud Mix PLUS.

Overall, your tile options will vary in style and colour, but you will also want to make sure that the tile you’re using will be comfortable and functional.

Tile Maintenance

Over time, roots grow, minor cracks spread, and walls shift in pools. To keep up with this, you’ll need to be consistent about tile maintenance and replacement.

Make sure that you lower your water level before starting. Then, remove the damaged tiles with a hammer. After that, you can replace and re-set a new tile into the missing spot. Allow it to dry for 24 hours before raising the water again.

If you keep up with this maintenance, you’ll have a perfect pool for years to come.

Ready to Put Some Tile into Your Style?

For pools in need of a serious makeover, or for pools that are just being built, pool tiles are a great way to enhance the luxury of having a pool. Consider the colour and style that you want and then continue to keep up with the repairs on damaged tiles. Soon, you will be ready to invite your whole neighbourhood to your next pool party.

If you’re in the market for stylish new pool tiles, visit one of our showrooms today for some expert advice!


Choosing the Right Colour for Your Swimming Pool Tiles

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Are you currently in the process of designing your dream swimming pool? An important consideration is what colour swimming pool tiles are right for your new freshwater paradise.

While it may seem as simple as looking at various swatches and choosing the hue that you like best, the fact of the matter is that the colour you choose will look quite different once the tiles have been covered with water, and your swimming pool is complete.

Here at Ceramic Tile Supplies, we specialise in swimming pool tiles in Perth. Below is a look at the top five best-selling colour options, along with a breakdown of what to expect after they have been placed inside your brand new pool. Learn more about these 5 popular choices today before you install.

Arctic Blue Nova Matte

This gorgeous green-blue shade contributes a cool tone to the water and promises a clear, sparkling blue effect in the sunlight. The stylish matte finish adds interest to the pool and draws more attention to the glistening lure of the water.

Mass Mosaics Bali Light Blue

Basic blue swimming pool tiles are undoubtedly the most popular colour choice in Perth. They are classics for a reason! These beautiful blue mosaics reflect light, which will make a smaller swimming pool appear much larger and more welcoming. The result is an iridescent, crisp blue shade and a glossy finish.

Midnight Mix PLUS

There is something intensely luxurious about a swimming pool with black tiles. They are slightly less common than green and blue coloured tiles, and as such, promise to turn your pool into an instant talking point. They offer the further advantage of much warmer water due to the fact that the dark colour absorbs and holds onto heat from the sun. This means that you are more likely to be able to use your pool comfortably in early spring and early autumn, not just in summer!

Cloud Mix PLUS

The white-grey contrast offered by these swimming pool tiles is sure to help brighten up your pool and give off a welcoming atmosphere. The tiles will naturally reflect sunlight, which means that your water will remain cool and refreshing during those hot, balmy summer days that Perth is known for.

Azzuro Mediterraneo PLUS

These stunning swimming pool tiles promise a stylish green shimmer. They literally glisten and gleam in the sunlight throughout the year. They are the perfect choice for anyone that is keen to add some mermaid-esque flair to the bottom of their pool and steer clear of the more predictable designs. The Italian glass mosaic is mounted on the TREND PLUS backing system. This is a huge advantage because it streamlines installation – you don’t need to worry about any paper, film or mesh mounting.

Have Any of These Tiles Caught Your Eye?

Are you still interested in more gorgeous options that we have on offer? For our full range, view our website or check out one of our showrooms!

Finding the Right Swimming Pool Tile for Your Pool

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Your choice of swimming pool tiles is an essential finishing touch required to make your pool unique and beautiful. They improve not only the aesthetics but also the functional element of your facility.

Just like the tiles used on your walls, floors, and splashbacks, there is virtually an infinite number of types, styles, shapes, and colours of tiles for your swimming pool.

If you’re planning to construct or upgrade your pool, visit us at Ceramic Tile Supplies to choose from our vast array of styles and products. Our showroom will inspire you with pool design possibilities!

Here are some of the tile choices available to give your pool a beautiful finish:

Different Types of Tiles

There are generally four types of tile to choose from: mosaic tile, porcelain tile, glass pool, and stone tile.

You need to select the right type of tile for your amenity, because factors like heavily treated water can penetrate and affect some sorts of tile. The tile you choose should, therefore, be specifically designed for use in a pool. It should be vitreous or impervious – this ensures the tile doesn’t absorb much water.

At Ceramic Tile Supplies, we stock plenty of styles that can be used underwater. Check out our range here, or read on to learn about different types!

Mosaic Swimming Pool Tiles

If you are looking for a tile that will add colour and vibrancy to your swimming pool, then a mosaic tile is what you need. This type comes in a wide range of designs, colours, and sizes. The tiles can be made of glass or ceramics and are easy to install.

Mosaics can be used either on the bottom of the pool, the sides, or both, depending on how eye-catching you want it to look! When used at the bottom, they require maintenance and a good cleaning to eliminate the build-up of pool chemicals, mould, and algae.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are a highly popular choice because they require only basic cleaning and installation. The process of making them begins with heating clay at very high temperatures until it becomes waterproof. The heating process causes the tiles to harden and allows the colour to bake in; thus, the colour and design doesn’t fade even when exposed to extreme temperatures, like those of the Australian summer!


These tiles also have a vitreous lustre, are soft to touch, and easy to install. Porcelain tiles are available in different textures, colours, and patterns. They would be a perfect choice for your facility. The only downside is that they can break easily when put under much pressure, so be careful when handling.

Glass Tiles

For use in a swimming pool, glass is a spectacular material. It gives your facility a miraculous feel, especially when the pool is lighted at night.


Glass won’t be affected by sunlight, water, or pool chemicals. Glass tiles make the pool look larger, because it reflects light. The downside is that they can be pricier than other materials, and can be more difficult to install because of its delicate nature.


Stone Tiles

Using stone tiles gives your pool a natural element, making it look like a pond or lake. Different types of stones can be used, including limestone, sandstone, and granite. Most stones are porous, and a sealant should be applied every few years. Installation can take a while, and should be performed by a professional.


We hope you’ve gained some inspiration for decorating your pool. Want some personalised help? Come to one of our showrooms and chat to an expert today!