Starting a new home renovation is always an exciting and challenging task. It gives you the chance to take transform your home from a vision you’ve been dreaming of for a long time. You can bring out your personal taste and style through the design of you project and bring out your inner artist. What’s not to love?

One type of exciting but manageable home renovation that people often do for their first project is tiling, most commonly in their bathroom. There are many different types of surfaces and textures that you can play with, but one popular type of tile is the subway tile. Read on to learn more about tiling and how to select the right subway tile for your bathroom.

Some Benefits of Tile in General

Humans have been using tile in their homes and properties for hundreds of years. One benefit of using tile is its durability. Tile is typically long-lasting, which is great for a permanent home renovation project.

Another benefit of using tile is its ease of maintenance. Tile is easy to clean and it is unlikely that you’ll need to reseal it.

For those that are interested in green living, a lot of tiles are environmentally friendly. Tile is also a beautiful material that looks great in almost any home.

About Subway Tiles

Subway tiles in Perth and beyond got their name from their origin in (you guessed it) the subway! Early subways stops could be seen featuring this elegant but simple look.

These types of tiles are characterised by a unique overlaying pattern, smooth sleek lines, and tight grout lines. Many traditional subway tile designs are done with white tiles, but you can use subway tiles in a variety of colours as well as sizes.

You can even orient the tiles in different ways. For example, you can orient them vertically, horizontally, or a combination of the two. These types of tiles are very popular for bathroom renovations because of their clean and simple look. 

How to Install Tile In Your Home

If you decide that you want to install tile as a part of your next home renovation, one of the first things you will want to do is select the exact tile that you will use for your project and make sure that it can be ordered from whichever store or manufacturer you choose.

For example, we Ceramic Tile Supplies specialise in tile supply. We have unique tiles in Perth and a team that is ready to help anyone find their dream tile.

After you select a supplier for your tile endeavours, you should begin researching how to install your material. Or, you could always hire someone that can do it for you. We provide our customers with a list of tilers that we recommend to complete your renovation. No matter what look you’re after, Ceramic Tiles is here to help.

If you are thinking about making subway tiles a part of your home, continue to do research to figure out which tile will best suit your unique style!



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