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History of Subway Tiles – Origin Story

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They do say that styles and designs have a way of repeating themselves over the decades, but there are some that never leave.

Although subway tiles had early beginnings in New York in the 1900s, it seems to us that this clean and chic style will continue to be placed in homes for many more decades to come.

Here at Ceramic Tile Supplies we offer an extensive variety of subway tiles, so we know that it can sometimes be difficult to choose between these timeless classics. That is why we are here to help you every step of the way towards the design of your dreams.

That being said, here is your ultimate guide to help you choose the right subway tile for your latest project!

The 75 X 150mm Subway Tile

Despite originating in New York, this tile style made its way all the way to Paris for this enticing take on subway tiles.

These 75 x 150mm designs feature bevelled edges that offer more appeal and dimension wherever they are placed. We recommend these tiles as a classic option for those who like to keep things simple and elegant.

We offer a variety of bevelled options, and they come in both matt and gloss finish options.

Victorian Bianco Diamond Lucido bevelled subway tiles

The 75 X 300mm Subway Tile

The 75 x300mm Subway tile style is not only taller than its sibling, but it is also more equipped to make a statement.

With these tiles, there is an option to swap the normal straight edge for a trendier wavy edge to add character and keep your project looking unique. We also offer these tiles in a variety of colours, all available in a glossy finish and with a select available in matt.

The Country Style

The Country style of subway tiles from Spanish manufacturers Equipe are a range of elegant glossy subway tiles with a hand made effect to finish off the wonderful design.

Available in a range of colours, and able to create many different looks and effects, including the popular subway wall tile look.

This style is great for those who want to match their tiles to a vintage or country-style. However, it is not just a design for those styles of furnishing, as it also stands out and thrives among contemporary design choices as well.


More Tips for Designing with Subway Tiles

The fun of design is not over once you choose your preferred tile.

One of the best things about tiling in general is how versatile the design layout is. With these tiles, you can create different patterns and looks that will make every project look unique, even if it is the same kind of tile!

These tiles will give you the freedom to give any room a new look. Whether you are redoing your bathroom or the splashback of your kitchen, you are bound to find a design that suits your style and the rest of the room splendidly.

For more information on the countless design possibilities for subway tiles in Perth, our range of colour and design options, or any other questions you may have about tiles in general, come on into one of our showrooms right here in Perth


Choosing The Right Size Tile For Your Project

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When redecorating a home, many homeowners overlook the tiles, not recognising just how much of an impact they can have on the look of the room being redone. While specific tiles may work for certain applications, the right choice is more than just what type of tile fits the space. The following aspects of tiling can impact a room’s appearance and should be considered when choosing tiles for a renovation project.

Picking Tiles Relative to the Space

The easiest way to pick out tile is to choose one relative to the size of the space. This means that larger areas like the floor of an open kitchen/dining room or bigger living rooms can easily handle larger format tiles. Similarly, smaller spaces like bathrooms or a kitchen backsplash would look better with medium or smaller sizes as well as mosaic tiles to add texture and design.

To begin, measure the space, whether it’s the entire room or just a section of a wall. This enables you to create a template of the square area so that you can try out different tile designs to help you determine a favourite. 

As you measure, remember that larger tiles require extra care to ensure the installation is as even and level as possible. These larger pieces will reduce the natural flow and will limit the decorating options of the flooring.

Different Measures, Different Styles

You can influence the way you feel in a room by using different sized tiles. You can create a sleeker, more streamlined appearance and make rooms feel more open or closed by tile size alone. Consider the following design tips:

Larger Squares and Rectangular Tiles

Tiles that are wide or long can make your room appear bigger. Using larger tiles in medium to large spaces will expand the space by making it feel more open. The longer dimensions to the lines of square and rectangular pieces combined with the reduced amount of grout lines give spaces a more open and cleaner feel. However, large tiles can overwhelm smaller spaces like bathrooms, creating a closed off sensation.

Subway, Plank or Small Mosaic Tiles

The shape, size, and pattern of smaller tiles can add or contract the depth of space so that a room feels more open or cosy, depending on your desires.  Linear and subway tiles will add depth to rooms and expand the appearance, especially in smaller spaces. Plank and kitchen tiles can make smaller, galley kitchens appear wider if you place the tiles horizontally.

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Are you looking for tiles in Perth? Ceramic Tile Supplies is one of the leading tile shops in Perth. With over 50 years of experience, we are able to provide our customers with personalised care that will ensure you make the perfect choice of tile for your home, office or commercial space. Speak with one of our experts today and schedule a one-on-one consultation. You’re also welcome to visit our showrooms in Wangara or Myaree to learn about the ways we can help you with your next tiling project.

How to Select the Right Subway Tile for Your Bathroom: Everything You Need to Know

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Starting a new home renovation is always an exciting and challenging task. It gives you the chance to take transform your home from a vision you’ve been dreaming of for a long time. You can bring out your personal taste and style through the design of you project and bring out your inner artist. What’s not to love?

One type of exciting but manageable home renovation that people often do for their first project is tiling, most commonly in their bathroom. There are many different types of surfaces and textures that you can play with, but one popular type of tile is the subway tile. Read on to learn more about tiling and how to select the right subway tile for your bathroom.

Some Benefits of Tile in General

Humans have been using tile in their homes and properties for hundreds of years. One benefit of using tile is its durability. Tile is typically long-lasting, which is great for a permanent home renovation project.

Another benefit of using tile is its ease of maintenance. Tile is easy to clean and it is unlikely that you’ll need to reseal it.

For those that are interested in green living, a lot of tiles are environmentally friendly. Tile is also a beautiful material that looks great in almost any home.

About Subway Tiles

Subway tiles in Perth and beyond got their name from their origin in (you guessed it) the subway! Early subways stops could be seen featuring this elegant but simple look.

These types of tiles are characterised by a unique overlaying pattern, smooth sleek lines, and tight grout lines. Many traditional subway tile designs are done with white tiles, but you can use subway tiles in a variety of colours as well as sizes.

You can even orient the tiles in different ways. For example, you can orient them vertically, horizontally, or a combination of the two. These types of tiles are very popular for bathroom renovations because of their clean and simple look. 

How to Install Tile In Your Home

If you decide that you want to install tile as a part of your next home renovation, one of the first things you will want to do is select the exact tile that you will use for your project and make sure that it can be ordered from whichever store or manufacturer you choose.

For example, we Ceramic Tile Supplies specialise in tile supply. We have unique tiles in Perth and a team that is ready to help anyone find their dream tile.

After you select a supplier for your tile endeavours, you should begin researching how to install your material. Or, you could always hire someone that can do it for you. We provide our customers with a list of tilers that we recommend to complete your renovation. No matter what look you’re after, Ceramic Tiles is here to help.

If you are thinking about making subway tiles a part of your home, continue to do research to figure out which tile will best suit your unique style!