Large format tiles are the ideal renovate solution for any room in your home. Whether you’re looking for flooring, walling, or even decoration, they can be a cost effective and easy-to-install way to get that updated, contemporary look you’ve been wanting.

Here at Ceramic Tile Supplies, we’re one of the premier experts of tiles in Perth. We have a wide range of tiles to suit any room or outdoor area. Keep reading to learn more about how large format tiles can make your space shine.

What Large Format Tiles Can Do

Imagine your bathroom decked out in this stunning Linea Deep Black tile. Its gorgeous, rich colour gracefully off set by minimal, thin white grout lines. Or, picture your kitchen tiled with our Coverlam Estatuario. Its classy marble-effect underscored by an almost identically pale grout colour can create a smooth, fluid space.

Large format tiles contribute to a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic in any room. Our tiles can help transform any room in your house into a space that feels brand new. These tiles are clean, with an unbroken style that makes a space seem more expansive.

By combining one of our stunning large format tile designs with a similar colour grout, you can achieve an even more spacious look. You can create a sleek design that flows to every corner. And, if you choose to use the same combination on your walls, you’ll instantly create a setting that is striking with a flowing, streamlined aesthetic.

Alternatively, you can also choose a contrasting grout colour, to emphasise the simple elegance of the tile itself and create a feature wall.


Not Just Kitchens and Bathrooms

Being waterproof and easy to clean makes tiling an obvious, as well as stylish, choice for kitchens, bathrooms and walling, but they’re not limited to these areas. Our large format tiles combine stunning design with versatility, so they’re fitting for many different spaces.

It might seem odd to consider tiling in your bedroom or lounge, but, unless you can’t live without the cosiness of carpet underfoot, having tile in your living areas doesn’t have to mean clinical coldness. Underfloor heating can ensure rooms lose none of their warmth, while pairing free-flowing large format tiles with contemporary, minimalist furniture can elevate a bedroom or living room to new levels of sleek sophistication.

Quality, Resilience and Sustainability

We have a large selection of quality choices from leading suppliers, and we specialise in showcasing the latest in tile design and technology. Despite their size, our large format tiles are thin and expertly made. They have the quality normally associated with heavier porcelain tiles, but in a lightweight, easier to handle form.

The large format tiles still deliver the same resistance to wear, staining and heat. Plus, even though they are lightweight, they also still deliver durability in an easier to use, more eco-friendly way than traditional tiles.

Choosing The Tile For You

If you want to do some research for yourself, our showrooms in Wangara and Myaree have the widest ranges of large format tiles in Perth. On top of that we don’t just sell tiles. If you’re struggling, our dedicated design team and colour consultants are here to offer their expert advice for all your decoration needs.

Our team will also gladly take care of the technical side of your tiling job. Not only can they tell what tiles look great and where, they can also accurately measure up the right tiling to fit in your space and provide you with a quote for your requirements.

At CT Supplies we pride ourselves on our expert advice and attention to detail, so head on over to one of our showrooms for a chat. Whatever room or space you’re working with, one of our specialist staff will be happy to help you find exactly the right large format tile for you.


Reliable delivery, reliable contacts

Once you’ve chose the tiles you want, you might need a little help getting them to your home or office and then installing. True to their name, large format tiles are big (ours measure up to 3×1 metres) and can be difficult to transport.

Luckily, our distribution team have their own trucks, as well as years of experience delivering tiles in Perth, while we also pack orders for dispatch to anywhere in Western Australia. So, once you’ve selected your tiles, you can rest easy and let us handle the heavy lifting.

And, when we’ve fulfilled your delivery, we’d be happy to put you in contact with reliable and experienced tilers in your area who can give you a quote on your installation.

Check Out Large Format Tiles Today

Ceramic Tile Supplies Perth has a variety of large format tiles to choose from. Just pop down to one of our showrooms and find out more!

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