As the cold weather sets in, it can become less appealing walking barefoot across the tiled areas of the house. Speaking from experience, nothing beats the feeling of warmth underfoot, especially on a brisk Perth morning.

Under tile heating is not a new concept for homeowners. In fact, the Romans used to build houses with empty spaces and tunnels under their flooring. Air, warmed by an open fire, would be channeled through these tunnels to heat up homes during winter. Pretty cool right?

Now that we’re done with our mini-history class, here’s everything you need to know about under tile heating in Perth.

How Does Under Tile Heating Work?

Under tile heating is an invisible heating system powered by either hot water or electricity. It is designed to run under the tiles through a network of conductors or tubing to deliver a controlled flow of warmth.

It can be easily installed in virtually any home. And, it’s energy efficient, non-intrusive and frees up your wall space from radiators or convectors. It’s not surprising that it has become quite popular among homeowners in recent times.

The Benefits of Under Tile Heating

A balanced heating profileThe best part of installing under tile heating is the balanced, comfortable heat it produces across the home. There are no cold spots or draughts that catch you unannounced. It also works great for those who have dust allergies as there are no dust movements being pushed around by fans.

Energy efficiencyOne of the most popular reasons people choose this system is its low running costs. Its surface area is larger than that of a radiator, which allows it to run at a much lower flow temperature while still heating the floors. Its ability to run at a lower temperature means it’s a cheaper system to use: it can be 25% cheaper with a hot water system and as much as 40% cheaper with an electric system.

Compatibility Another great advantage is it can be installed across the home – bathrooms, living room,  terrace, anywhere. It can also be installed across a wide range of floor coverings, from marble to vinyl.

Affordability The combination of energy efficiency and low maintenance costs just screams affordable in the long run. While you might spend an initial larger cost to install, over time, the savings quickly add up. And once installed, you spend close to nothing in maintenance.

Installing Under Tile Heating

By now, you may be asking – can I do this myself? Probably, yes! But should you? Probably not.

Installing heating under tiles in Perth is difficult. That’s why you should work with a qualified installer to guarantee that you choose the right materials, everything is done right, and it’s an economical investment. They’ll be able to offer expert advice and help you calculate the desired temperatures, potential heat loss, the ceiling height and the type of flooring required where necessary. 

If you need help picking the right tiles, get in touch with one of our experts in Perth today at Ceramic Tile Supplies!


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