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Timber Look Tiles


Builder’s Guide To Home Tile Selection

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Builder’s Guide To Selecting The Best Tiles For Your Home

Welcome to Ceramic Tile Supplies’ guide to selecting home tiles for your upcoming building project. Here, we’ve comprised important information and frequently asked questions to help you along your home tile selection process. Explore our blog here and if you have further questions, our contact information is below.


“Do we need to make an appointment?”

Ceramic Tiles Supplies welcomes appointments and walk-ins. Keep in mind our opening hours and make sure you arrive at our showroom with enough time to explore our offerings. Saturdays are usually our busiest day, if you’re looking to speak with a professional we recommend booking in an appointment. 

Opening hours:

Wangara Showroom

8.30am – 5pm (Monday – Friday)

9am – 1pm (Saturday)

Myaree Showroom 

9.30am – 4:30pm (Monday – Friday)

9am – 1pm (Saturday)

*Our opening hours differ only slightly. Please take note of each location’s hours to ensure you arrive at the correct time. Note: we’re not open on Sundays.

“Will you help us in the selection process?” 


We’re here to make the selection process as easy as possible. Our team are experts in tile selection for various interiors and purposes. Whether it’s for swimming pools, kitchen splash backs, bathroom tiles or other residential building areas, restaurants, wash rooms, schools or other commercial purposes – we will help you find a solution at an affordable price. 

Regardless of your previous experience with tile selections, our expert team can guide you through the process.

“How much time is needed to select tiles?”

It will depend on the size of your project however, we recommend reserving at least 1 hour for the selection process. You will find that there are a wide variety of options to choose from and it’s best to consider each option to ensure you’re making the best decision. Our team will provide you with numerous options at different price points. This way, you’ll be able to pick a solution that fits perfectly with your requirements.

client meeting

“Which tiles should we select?” 

This will depend on your specific project. However, here are some questions you will want to consider:

Coverage – will you require just a floor tile or will wall tiles, splashbacks and skirting tiles also need to be selected? What size has been allowed for in what areas?

Location – what rooms are you seeking the tiles to cover? Will you need the living area, dining room, bedroom, bathrooms, laundry or even the entire house, including outdoor areas?

Tile Types – what is the allowed for price, this is usually a per m2 price indicated towards a particular size range of tiles? Along with this is the tile allowance rectified or non-rectified? Porcelain or ceramic? Read about Rectified Tiles here.

Pool tiles – are you building a pool and seeking pool tiles? Will you be needing the whole pool tiled or just the pool waterline tiles? Have mosaics or porcelains been allowed for and for what price per m2?

Outdoor/porch area – will you be building an outdoor area that will be in need of tiles? Do you want this to match the main floor? Is there enough sub structure to support standard tiles or will you need to allow for enough time to order in non-slip or 20mm thick tiles?

“What do I need to bring to tile selection?”

Try and narrow down what style you are looking for even just down to what colours you are working with before you come. If you need some inspiration see the latest 2022 trends here.

If you have access to any house plans we encourage you to bring them to your tile selection. This will allow us to have a better understanding of sizing and design requirements that are best interpreted through the housing plans. More information the better! Our goal is to help you build your dream home, one tile at a time!

If you’re running short on time, not to worry. We can make a start and pick it up another day or work through your selections via Email or Text. Just keep in mind it is always 100% best to view your tile first hand so you can ensure the correct colour and look.

“Where are the Ceramic Tile Supplies showrooms?” 

Ceramic Tile Supplies have two showroom locations in Perth.

Our Myaree showroom is located at:

Unit 1, 70 Norma Road, Myaree, WA 6154

Our Wangara showroom and warehouse is located at:

17 Buckingham Drive, Wangara, WA 6065

Find your nearest showroom for your next visit.

“What happens if we change our mind?” 

Does your selection keep you up at night? Although our professional team will endeavour to have your selection wrapped up by the time you leave most builders allow One change to their clients selections. This is to stop errors that can occur from the more changes that are made.

“Where can I obtain more information?”

Discover more information via our website, in our blog or, give us a call! If you’ve got a question, we’re always happy to answer any and every query that pops up.

choosing tiles

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Home trends

2022 Tile Trends To Keep An Eye On

By General, Architects & Builders, Commercial Tiles, Timber Look Tiles, Trends

With a new year comes new trends!

Here, we unpack the hottest and most innovative tile trends that will be leading interior design in 2022. 

Across Western Australia, home renovations are booming with a dramatic increase seen in 2021 due to government incentives coupled with more time spent at home. When you’re spending more time at home, it makes sense you want to invest more into your living arrangements. In fact, if you’re reading this blog it’s quite likely you’re one of the many Australians looking to update their kitchen, bathroom, dining area… or all of the above! As CommSec revealed, renovation loans saw an impressive increase of 7.4% mid this year, the biggest increase seen in 19 years. Now this is an increase we would like to be a part of!

When you’re designing your home, it’s important to keep a close eye out on tile trends. Unlike most trends that come and go as quick as it takes to get the materials delivered, tile trends are everlasting. You truly can’t go wrong with any style of tiles in your home. When you choose high quality tiles that are professionally installed, tiles add sophistication and class to any room. 

We’ve collaborated with our design team to collect data on the tile trends that are going to take the forefront in 2022. Have a read, and pick out your favourites.

barn home

Farmhouse… with a twist

Imagine this – timber floors, white marble features, big open windows and apple pie fresh out of the oven. Farm house aesthetics continue to improve and impress with each year,  delivering a wholesomeness that touches on nostalgia and homeliness. Scandinavian design has had great influence on farmhouse interiors, holding onto these sentimental components of traditional farmhouse whilst adding a contemporary twist with white marble, subtle splashes of colour and nuanced centrepieces.  

Choosing tiles to achieve a Scandinavian farmhouse appearance is an exciting and stunning process. Ceramic Tile Supplies would recommend Rhombus White Gloss for a contemporary farmhouse bathroom, Gloss Grey for your kitchen splashback or our gorgeous Two Tone Solid Mint Glossy for a subtle splash of colour that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Complete the look with plenty of green plants, timber furniture pieces and brown and grey fabrics (towels, pillows, blankets).

Industrial modernity

Funky, rule breaking and texturised – although industrial design nods to vintage warehouses, modern industrial interiors embody style, opulence and confidence. Think: distressed wood and  brick features contrasted with luxe ceramic or marble tiles. Entering a modern industrial space instantly impresses with its capturing features.   

To accomplish the refined elegance industrial design provokes, it’s crucial to balance those old and edgy elements with new and refined materials. You want to take advantage of raw materials, choosing an open brick wall feature, a cowhide rug and aged steel lighting paired with the best floor and wall tiles to compliment. 

Choosing your tiles, we would encourage you to experiment with shades. Our Melt Oxide or Shade D Impressions perfectly tie together an industrial space with an exciting difference. Alternatively, choose our Homestone Charcoal or Homestone Ivory to add a minimalist concrete feel to your kitchen, bathroom and home. 

Complete your industrial spaces with rustic pipe shelving, warm coloured blankets and towels and vintage pickups from your local antique store.

2022 Tile Trends To Keep An Eye On 9
Coastal aesthetic

Coastal retreat

In Australia, we love our beaches. Even if you don’t enjoy swimming, there’s something about the warm sand and spending time at the beach that calms and excites! It’s no surprise then that beachy coastal aesthetics are making major waves in Perth homes. 

Coastal retreat aesthetics often incorporate cane, wicker and rattan furniture and highlight colours of beige, sand, white and cream. Walking into the home, it feels fresh, light and simple yet, with personal touches that add an important element of warmth. 

Tile trends for coastal retreats hold a crucial place in home design. This is most notable for kitchens, where the tile floors and the tile backsplash stand as pieces of artwork to the overall open plan. To maintain the light freshness felt throughout the house, white or beige styled tiles complete your coastal kitchen. 

Floors tiles we would recommend are our Shoreline Bianco and Dekton Natural. These styles add sophistication with a touch of that laid back beachy vibe that is at the heart of all coastal home interiors. 

For kitchen splashbacks, there’s a great selection of style options to choose from. Experiment with subway tiles with our Carra Honed Herringbone Mosaic or keep it classic with our White Mosaic. There’s the option for creativity here by tying in the colours of your home with the splash back. To maintain the coastal retreat look, you want to keep colour minimal and thoughtful.  

Pair your tiles with rattan furniture, white marble kitchen bench and a brass sink and tap. Wow your guests with your coastal retreat interior.

Contact a specialist

Choosing your tiles is an important decision to build the aesthetic of your home. If you’re unsure which styles to choose, speak to our team of tile specialists. Our team hold immense knowledge on both the practicality and design of tiles. If you’re looking to complete a specific style for your home, our team are here to help

We look forward to creating your dream home.

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Tiled floors vs timber flooring – which is better? 18

Tiled floors vs timber flooring – which is better?

By DIY, Tile Selection, Timber Look Tiles

You’ve narrowed down your flooring options to tiles or floorboards. But how do you choose between the two? When building or renovating, selecting the right floor can be quite the challenge, as what you decide will have an enormous impact on the overall look and feel of your home interiors.

Some of the factors you should consider include how well the floor type will hold up in high traffic areas, do you want your wet areas to be consistent with the rest of the house and how much of a statement do you want to make?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of tiled floors and timber flooring to help you choose the right floor that suits your style and, in the end make you feel at home.

Tiled floors vs timber flooring – which is better? 19
Why you might consider timber flooring

Timber flooring is renowned for its aesthetic appeal. It adds warmth and character to a space not to mention:

  • It’s a tough and durable material
  • Timber is easy to clean and maintain
  • It’s a great insulator and comfortable underfoot
  • Unlike carpet, timber can’t trap dust or pollen
  • Timber comes in a variety of colours, finishes and styles
Disadvantages of installing natural timber flooring

A well maintained timber floor can last for decades, but it’s highly prone to scratches, dents and water damage – especially in the kitchen. Other factors to consider include:

  • Natural wooden floors are expensive compared to tiles and other flooring materials
  • It’s not recommended for wet areas – liquid spills can leave unwanted stains if not cleaned up immediately
  • Regular maintenance is required to prevent damage, this may include sanding, staining, waxing and polishing.
  • Can fade
  • Can be slippery
Why tiled floors are a great idea in your home

It’s hard to beat the natural beauty of timber flooring, and if you have your heart set on a timber floor, you can achieve the same look for less with timber look tiles. With the latest in inkjet technology, you can have a tiled floor that looks and feel like real wood – minus the scratches, staining and fading. By opting for timber look tiles, you get the look of real timber with the benefits of ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Other reasons why tiled floors work well in the home include:

  • Tile flooring options are endless – choose from ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, slate or timber look in a variety of styles, colours, shapes and sizes
  • They are a strong material making them a great choice for family homes
  • Tiles are moisture and stain resistant therefore ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and in the laundry
  • Most types of tile are eco-friendly
  • Tiles are easy to lay and can be made to fit any space
  • Tiles are an affordable flooring solution
Tiled floors vs timber flooring – which is better? 20
Tiled floors vs timber flooring – which is better? 21
The drawbacks to having tiled floors

With any type of flooring you choose, there will always be a downside or two, but in the case of tiles you can easily overcome them.

Tiles are great underfoot in summer, but they can feel cold during winter – nothing a pair of uggies or a rug can’t fix! Wooden floors in general can be slippery, as can some types of tiles when they get wet. To combat this, make sure you choose a tile with an appropriate slip rating.

The grout between tiles can discolour over time, but the maintenance is minimal when compared to looking after natural timber flooring.

Final thoughts on flooring

To make a decision that’s right for you, make sure you consider your space and how it will be used, and if you need expert advice, our team is just a phone call or short drive away.

Get the best floor tiles in Perth at Ceramic Tile Supplies

Convinced that tiled floors are the right choice for you? Browse through our extensive range of floor tiles online or see the full range of tiles in Perth at our Wangara and Myaree showrooms.

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Busting the myths on timber look tiles 30

Busting the myths on timber look tiles

By Timber Look Tiles, DIY, Tile Selection

Timber look tiles continue to be all the rage for many home renovators looking for a more cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to wooden flooring. With advancements in technology, ceramic wood tiles do a pretty flawless job these days at mimicking the real deal. Still, there are some that aren’t convinced. 

Have you been tossing up the idea of timber look tiles but you’re on the fence? Let’s put any misinformation floating out there to rest and bust these myths head on!

Busting the myths on timber look tiles 31
Myth #1: Timber tiles look fake

Glazed porcelain wooden floors have come a long way over the years, and although they aren’t the real deal, if installed properly it’s hard to tell the difference. The key thing here is paying attention to your grout lines. For timber look tiles to look as authentic as natural wooden floors, you should choose timber tiles with rectified edges. This ensures the tiles can be laid as close together as possible (around 1mm) with minimal grout required. 

Myth #2: Wood look tiles are hard to maintain

Far from it. Are you forgetting timber look tiles are actually porcelain tiles? This means they are extremely easy to clean. And, unlike its authentic wooden counterpart that don’t do so well when the surface comes into contact with spills, wood look tiles require very little maintenance to retain longevity.

Myth #3: Timber look tiles can’t handle constant foot traffic

Again, being a glazed tile (remembering this doesn’t always mean glossy) they are actually highly durable and scratch resistant. You’ll be perfectly fine walking around in heels on a wooden ceramic floor, but the same can’t be said for real wooden flooring.

Myth #4: Timber look tile floors are too cold

Tiles do have the reputation of being colder than other types of flooring and not absorbing as much heat (which is perfectly ideal in summer). But there are other factors that can contribute to this, such as how much natural sunlight generates heat within your home. And, there’s nothing a few floor rugs or runners can’t fix especially when the product underneath won’t fade!

Busting the myths on timber look tiles 32
Busting the myths on timber look tiles 33
Myth #5: Timber look tile planks will warp over time

The tile planks will not warp over time. There is however the lippage (when one tile is higher than another resulting in an uneven surface) to consider. All tiles can be subject to a variation in flatness due to the manufacturing process. This is why it is not suggested to half off set or brick bond any rectified tile over 200mm in length. However the way to get around this is the thirds rule or stagger lay the timber tile with no more than a 33% overlap at any time. This allows for any curve that may be in the tile to be absorbed in the lay pattern instead of creating an unwanted uneven surface. Sound too complex for you? We recommend leaving the installation to an expert tiler while you take on a different DIY project in the house.

Perth’s timber look tile specialists

Be inspired by our extensive range of quality timber look tiles. Browse our collection  and photo gallery or visit our Myaree or Wangara showrooms to view the full range on display.

Some of Our Best Selling Timber Look Tiles

How to get the timber look for every room in your home 42

How to get the timber look for every room in your home

By Timber Look Tiles, DIY, Tile Selection

One of the biggest flooring trends that continues to gain popularity is timber look tiles. 

The quality and technological advancements of wood look tiles has evolved tremendously over the past few years, making it a terrific and incredibly lifelike choice over timber flooring. 

Timber looks are timeless. But it’s not suitable to use real timber everywhere in the home. If you’re looking for a long-lasting and affordable alternative to classic wooden flooring that can be used in every room, then timber look tiles is your number one choice.

We love wooden look tiles because they are easy to maintain, won’t warp, creak or rot, and unlike natural wood, are perfect in wet areas.

Timber look tiles come in ceramic, porcelain and concrete form. Porcelain is considered the best of the three as it tends to be the most durable and affordable.

So where can you use timber look tiles? Let’s take a look.

How to get the timber look for every room in your home 43
High foot traffic areas

Wood look tiles effortlessly mimic the relaxed warm feeling of natural wooden floors in a home. And as a hard wearing surface they are ideal for high traffic areas. 

To make a statement with your timber tiles, try laying them differently. Herringbone, chevron and staggered patterns can all be achieved if you select the right timber tile.

In the bathroom

If you’ve ever noticed bathrooms with wooden features before, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s tiles. So, if you’ve ever wanted to add a splash of timber on the wall or floor – now you can!

Love the industrial look? You can achieve this at home combining aged timber look tiles dark hardware, white subway tile accents and honed concrete flooring.

Enhance with wall accents

Timber look tiled accent walls are great for the bathroom and kitchen, but they can also make a statement in the bedroom and living room – especially if you have a fireplace. 

Outdoor living areas

We love to spend a lot of time outdoors, and while wooden decking looks amazing, the upkeep and cost is insane. A good alternative to this, is of course outdoor wood look tiles. You can still achieve the same natural look to your indoor-outdoor design, with the added benefit that it will stand up against the elements, without any regular maintenance or treatment required.

Around the pool

Did you know timber look tiles are also great for pool areas? A non-slip surface is crucial in wet areas like pools, and wooden tiles with non-slip textures are great for this. 

Wooden decking will only warp and rot over time when in constant contact with water, something you don’t have to worry about with timber tiles.

How to get the timber look for every room in your home 44
How to get the timber look for every room in your home 45
What tile grade are timber look tiles?

Tiles are graded based on their hardness and durability. The PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) ratings help determine where tiles should be installed. The PEI ratings are as follows:

  • PEI 1 & PEI 2 – light duty wear that is good for bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • PEI 3 – medium to heavy duty wear which will survive heavy traffic in dining rooms, living areas, kitchens, entrances, hallways in homes.
  • PEI 4 – heavy wear perfect for living areas in homes, public buildings and retail.
  • PEI 5 – heavy duty wear in heavy traffic commercial areas.

Our timber tiles are no less than PEI 3, which means you can use them anywhere in the home and not worry they will get damaged months after installation.

Perth’s timber look tile specialists

Be inspired by Ceramic Tile Supplies’ extensive range of quality timber look tiles. Browse our collection or visit our Myaree or Wangara showrooms to view the full range on display.

Some of Our Timber Look Tile Range

Why timber look tiles are better than timber flooring 54

Why timber look tiles are better than timber flooring

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Timber or timber look tiles? Two popular choices that many of us grapple with when considering flooring for living areas in the home.

While you can’t go wrong with either, it all comes down to a few key things like personal preference, how much money you have to spend, how tough do your floors need to be to withstand the brunt of kids or pets (if that applies), and how much maintenance are you prepared to take on to keep your floors looking immaculate?

Timber look tiles have come a long way. With advancements in tile manufacturing, timber look tiles are fast becoming an eco-friendly and hardwearing flooring alternative. And the range and quality is insane, with a style to suit both traditional and contemporary designs.

With timber look tiles, you can easily be mistaken to think you’re standing on the real thing. Natural imperfections and details like veining, knots and shade, which you would normally see in timber, are now being cleverly disguised in timber look tiles.

So what makes timber look tiles the better flooring option? Let’s take a look at some practical benefits.

Timber look tiles are hard wearing

When it comes to bathroom flooring, you need an option that’s water-tight and slip-resistant. For kitchens, most of us look for something that’s easy to clean and can withstand spills and constant heavy traffic. Cue timber look tiles.

Unlike timber flooring, tiles won’t buckle or expand in wet areas. Extremely hard wearing, waterproof and heatproof, timber look tiles won’t scuff, fade and they are scratch resistant and heel proof. Basic spills and stains can also be easily wiped off without risking permanent damage to your floor. The effects of water over time can be damaging to wooden floors (even if sealed correctly), which is why it’s recommended you don’t use timber in high moisture areas like the bathroom.

All of this makes timber look tiles perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, alfresco areas and around pools.

Wood look tiles are affordable

When compared to authentic wooden floors, timber look tiles are cost effective and low maintenance. Timber is one of the more expensive flooring options when you add up the cost of the material, installation and upkeep. To maintain the look and finish of floorboards, ongoing maintenance is required. This includes sanding, resealing and polishing the floors to ensure its durability.

Timber look tiles are eco-friendly

Tread without guilt! Timber look porcelain tiles are a more sustainable option. It’s a welcome alternative to trees that have been cleared purely for the manufacture of wooden floors.

Tiles are a great insulator

Tiles can help to naturally heat up your home when the floors are exposed to sunlight during the day and act as a conductor at night. During summer they stay cooler underfoot, which is great for warmer climates like in Perth. Unlike wooden floors, timber look tiles can also withstand damage from heat around open and gas fires.

Allergy free flooring

Wood tiles are a safe option for anyone with asthma or allergies. The floor doesn’t trap dirt or dust mites like carpet can, and they are easy to clean. While wooden floors are great for this too, you do need to be careful with what kind of sealer, polish and lacquer you use to avoid breathing in any potentially toxic chemicals into your living space.

Perth’s tile specialists

Be inspired by Ceramic Tile Supplies’ extensive range of quality timber look tiles. Browse our collection or visit our Myaree or Wangara showrooms to view the full range on display.


Why to Choose Timber-Look Tiles Over Wood 55

Why to Choose Timber-Look Tiles Over Wood

By Timber Look Tiles, DIY, Tile SelectionNo Comments

While a hardwood floor is classic in any home, the materials get expensive and are susceptible to water damage. Wood floors also require regular maintenance and they can lose their beauty over time.


Instead of using regular wood, it may be worthwhile to invest in timber-look tiles. These replicate wooden floors, so you can get the hardwood feel without having to worry about its upkeep. Timber-look tiles have several benefits over classic wood, so it may be time to rethink your hardwood floors.


Read on to learn why you should consider installing tiles over timber.

Timber-Look Tiles are Stronger

When you buy porcelain timber-look tiles, they are much stronger and scratch-resistant than their hardwood counterparts. This means you can add tiling to any part of your house: indoors or outdoors.

You can spill something on tiling and wipe it up without having to worry about causing damage to precious hardwood.

Our range at Ceramic Tiles Supplies even includes slip-resistant products, giving you more peace of mind in your home. As an added bonus, tiling doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as real wood flooring.Why to Choose Timber-Look Tiles Over Wood 56

They Can Be Used Around Pools

A major advantage of timber-look tiles is their resistance to water. Unlike wood, these special tiles will not rot when they come into contact with water. Even when installing these tiles around water, they can last many years without having to receive any treatments.

So, if you want the aesthetic of wood in your basement or pool area without having to deal with waterproofing, then timber-look tiles are the way to go.

They Have Greater Design Possibilities

With timber-look tiling, you have so many options to choose from. This gives you the freedom to pick any timber style or shade that you want for your floor, not limited to the types of wood available in your area.

Our timber-look range available from Ceramic Tiles Supplies in Perth comes in several colour options and designs. Your chosen design will never change, because porcelain won’t age or fade over time like natural wood.

Why to Choose Timber-Look Tiles Over Wood 57

Timber-Look Tiles Give You All the Advantages

Overall, tiles are long-lasting options that will look brand new for much longer. If you’re looking for the wood-effect without the maintenance, then wood-imitating tiles were made for you. Porcelain timber-look tiles mimic natural imperfections of wood, like veining and different shades. The almost-perfect look of this faux flooring or tiling makes it a perfect option for those who can’t afford the hefty price tag of real wood.

Timber-look tiles in Perth are not only sturdy, water-resistant, and versatile, they are also sustainable. By not using real wood, this flooring helps to limit the number of trees being cut down for their timber.

With the wide range of options available for these tiles, it is easy to find the flooring that fits your home best. Timber-look porcelain is much cheaper than traditional wood floors too, saving you a pretty penny.

To find out more about this product, pop down to one of our showrooms today!

4 Benefits of Timber Look Tiles 58

4 Benefits of Timber Look Tiles

By Timber Look Tiles, DIY, Tile SelectionNo Comments

Many Australian homeowners look for the finest, real wood flooring for their homes– it’s often considered to be the ideal flooring. However, not everyone considers timber look tiles, which are just as great, if not better than hardwood floors. Timber look tiles are the perfect option for people searching for material that is durable, easy to install, and beautiful.

At Ceramic Tile Supplies, we sell the finest quality timber look tiles in Perth. Straight from our experts, here are 4 reasons you should opt for this material.

Timber Look Tiles Are Easy to Clean

Tile is the easiest type of flooring to clean by far. You can clean any spill with a broom or a mop. It’s that easy!

Wood floors, on the other hand, react poorly to water and moisture. You have to be proactive and act fast after a spill to prevent mould damage. Some substances can also damage the finish on wood.


You Can Install Them Anywhere

You may wish you could have hardwood through the entirety of the home. With timber look tiles, now you can. They are easy to install in bathrooms, around pools, and other places that would be too risky to put real wood!

Tile can also be installed in any climate. Installing timber look tiles in Perth is a favourable option because they are a cool temperature that combats Australia’s hot climate. They’re also more weather resistant than regular wooden floors.


4 Benefits of Timber Look Tiles 59

You Can Match Them With Anything


Another great thing about timber look tiles is that they can come in colours and styles that can be hard to find with real wood.


For example, we sell lighter tiles that resemble woods like maple and white oak. The Avantgarde Avorio and Cherokee Beige tiles in Perth resemble these particular colours exactly. Real maple wood would be harder to find, and you can’t guarantee you will find a colour that will match your home like tile does.


It Looks Like Real Wood


Back in the day, these timber look tiles were obvious fakes. Today, we have the technology to make longer tiles that imitate wood grain well. You can be sure that when you order from professional companies like Ceramic Tile Supplies, you’re getting a floor that looks like high quality timber.


Many people worry about the grout lines giving away your secret. Today, grout lines are so thin, you can barely tell they’re there. You can even choose a grout that is a shade darker than your flooring. This way, it looks like shadows from panelling rather than actual grout.


5 Reasons Why Timber Look Tiles Will Look Great in Your Bathroom 60

5 Reasons Why Timber Look Tiles Will Look Great in Your Bathroom

By Timber Look Tiles, DIY, Tile SelectionNo Comments

Are you looking to give your bathroom a much-needed facelift? Choosing the right tiles is imperative to giving your bathroom an upgraded, chic appearance. Timber look tiles have been one of the newest trends in kitchens, and they are now being embraced for bathrooms! Want to make your bathroom renovation worthwhile with these contemporary tiles? Here are 5 reasons why they will look amazing in your bathroom.

They Look Like Real Timber Wood!

Timber-look tiles are created with the best technology, and their appearance mimics all of the knots and grains of real timber wood. Get a fresh wood feel without the hassle of cleaning real wood. They are stain-resistant, durable, and require almost no maintenance! Get a unique style for your bathroom with the wide range of timber look tiles that is available.

Choose from a Wide Range of Colours, Shapes, and “Wood” Types

Each timber look tile is unique, ensuring that you will not get a seemingly fake repeating pattern in your bathroom. You can order tiles that are as long as 1.8 metres long. The length helps to replicate real wood planks. You can also choose from a lighter or darker “stain” to get your desired style.

Timber look tiles in Perth are made using the most advanced ink-printing technology available and have been perfected over the years to provide as many different types of wood as possible. We offer a wide range of wood types including:

  • Peronda seawood
  • Supergres in almond, blonde, white, brown, and more
  • Cherokee in moro and beige
  • And many more!

5 Reasons Why Timber Look Tiles Will Look Great in Your Bathroom 61

Get an Elevated Look by Mismatching Your “Wood” Tiles

One of the hottest trends with timber look tiles in Perth is mixing and matching. This creates a fresh and impactful contrast between the floors and walls of your bathroom. We suggest going with a cooler colour on your walls while using a warm timber option on your floors. This will give your bathroom an inviting feeling while still looking clean and refined.

Timber Look Tiles Are Perfect for Any Bathroom Style

Whether you are aiming for a complete modernised upgrade or sticking to the classic features in your original bathroom, timber look tiles will fit in seamlessly. A natural looking dark option is great in classic bathrooms, giving them an upgraded rustic style. In more modernised bathrooms, we suggest going with a lighter tone and laying them evenly to keep the clean lines and streamlined style of a modernised bathroom.

No Maintenance Needed!

If you have ever had wood floors in your home, you know how much of a pain it is to keep them clean. With timber look tiles, you will never have to go through that painstaking process! Because they are made of porcelain, they can be cleaned just like any other bathroom tile. They are also:

  • Tolerant of water (a must-have in a bathroom!)
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • UV-tolerant

If you are interested in upgrading your bathroom with these contemporary tiles, give us a call today! Book a One-on-One Consultation with one of our experts today, and we will find the right tiles for your project. We have one of the widest ranges of timber look tiles in Perth!

How To Lay A Timber Look Tile And Make It Look Great 62

How To Lay A Timber Look Tile And Make It Look Great

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Timber look tiles have become a popular alternative to hardwood. There are a number of reasons that homeowners are making the switch to this flooring material. Wood flooring gives homes a sleek and polished look. However, they require a lot of maintenance. If the material is not refinished regularly, then it will get scratched and develop an ugly wear pattern.

Timber look tiles, on the other hand, are waterproof, don’t dent, and won’t creak. They’re not without fault though. Installing this type of flooring comes with its own set of unique challenges. While the specifics of laying this type of flooring varies depending on design and specification, the following is a general guide on how to lay timber-look tile and make it look like real timber tiles.

Reduce Lippage

One of the first things you’ll notice about wood-like material is that the tiles are not flat. When you look at them closely, you’ll realise that the centre is higher than it should be. This can often result in lippage, aka uneven flooring, if not installed correctly. So how do you avoid lippage when timber look tiles have high centres?  

  • Prepping the Floor Surface. Ensure that the floors have no more than a 1-cm deviation within 3 metres of each other.
  • Find Any Dips or Peaks. The groundwork for your flooring also has to be even. Use a chalk line to sketch out the room to see if there are any variations in the floor’s height. Mark them with tape or pencil.
  • Fix Those Dips and Peaks. Once you’ve found all the floor’s holes, cover them with a thin set. Use your trowel to spread it either. Any peaks you find should be ground down.
  • Clean the Surface Area. Clear your floor by using a water and sponge to get rid of any drywall, debris, and dirt.

Use a Tile Levelling System

Even with all dips and peaks gone, your final result may still leave your floors with some lippage. A tile levelling system can be the ultimate solution for those worried about too much lippage from their timber look tiles. These systems ensure that the surface of your floors is flat thanks to its interlocking design.

Pay Attention to the Orientation of the Tiles

Another simple way to ensure your timber look tiles are installed properly is to run the flooring material across the room first. Begin with the first two rows. Utilise an aforementioned tile levelling system to ensure that each row fits perfectly.

Once you’ve made sure that these first couple of rows are flat and aligned, continue your work by completing one row at a time. Be sure to take your time.

The Bottom Line

Laying down timber look tiles can be a very demanding process. Hopefully, the advice above can make your installation process easier. For high-quality ceramic timber look tiles in Perth, look no further than Ceramic Tile Supplies. We have been providing a variety of kitchen, bathroom, and floor tiles for over 50 years. Our tiling expertise can also help you with all your timber look tile needs.  


Why Timber-Look Tiles Are a Good Investment 63

Why Timber-Look Tiles Are a Good Investment

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Wooden floors offer a home warmth, style, and a closeness with nature. They are popular options when it comes to renovating and increasing home value. However, while wood floors are great options, they do come with some drawbacks. They require year-round maintenance, and wooden floors degrade over time. Plus, when compared to other materials, hardwoods tend to be much more expensive.

If you love the charm that wooden floors bring but don’t want to deal with the maintenance that comes with them, consider a quality substitute like timber look tiles. This option is less expensive, durable, and simple to install. Not to mention the several colour options you’ll have to choose from.

The Benefits of Timber Look Tiles

You’d be surprised to find out that many homeowners use timber look tiles. They are not the real thing, but we doubt you’ll be able to tell the difference. At Ceramic Tile Supplies, we only stock tiles that resemble real timber. Our products mimic the natural imperfections of real wood including veining, shade, and knots for an authentic appearance.

This is just one of the many benefits this timber alternative brings. Homeowners can find realistic patterns that look great and match the overall structure of their home. Browse through our selection to view the dozens of options available to you.

Timber look tiles also offer a greater range of possibilities when it comes down to colour, design, and style.

They are also cost-effective options that will lower maintenance costs and increase durability. Timber look tiles are easy to maintain, scratch resistant, and durable. You’ll be able to clean up spills and stains without the risk of damaging your floor.

You can use timber look like tiles inside and outside your home. Popular locations include kitchen, bathrooms, and around pools since the material won’t decay or rot when waters splashes onto it.

Why Ceramic Tile Supplies?

Ceramic Tile Supplies has a wide selection of products to choose from for your home needs. Sourced from China, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Japan, and Spain, we have exclusive connections with the world’s leading tile manufactures. This means we offer our clients quality products at competitive prices.

Whether it’s timber, concrete, or stone, we have affordable, reliable options of your liking. Whatever your reasoning for needing timber look tiles, Perth can count on our team of experts to be ready to bring your project to life.

With 50+ years in this industry, we’re the perfect source for the job. We have experience handling small scale projects as well as global ones.

Unsure if this is the right decision for your project? Get in touch with us. We’ll gladly discuss your options with you.

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